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“Mobius”: A Short Film Shot with Canon’s New C300 Cinema Camera

This short film, titled “Mobius”, is one of the short films Canon screened at last night’s Hollywood announcement for the EOS C300 and concept cinema DSLR. It was made by Vincent Laforet, who was also selected to test the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 1D Mark IV.
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Canon Working on a New EOS DSLR Geared Towards Filmmakers

The new “EOS Movies” C300 digital video camera wasn’t the only thing Canon had up its sleeve today. The company has also announced that it’s working on a new EOS DSLR that’s geared more towards filmmakers than photographers. Not much was revealed about the camera, but it’ll be a 35mm full frame DSLR that can capture 4K video at 24fps. While recent EOS DSLRs have been still cameras that happen to have video capabilities, this new one seems to be much more geared towards having video being its primary use.

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