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Real-Time Twitter Photo Search with Hashalbum

Twitter sees hundreds or thousands of Tweets published every second, and many of these are photos of things happening real-time. Hashalbum is a new website that aims to help you browse this constant stream of images in real time by allowing you to do a simple search by hashtag, returning images that are found in Tweets containing that hashtag.

Hashalbum (via Lifehacker)

Browse Highly Filtered Sample Photos on Pixel-Peeper

We featured Flickriver’s Lens Explorer page a couple days ago for browsing photos taken with specific lenses, but many of you responded saying you wanted to see other options (e.g. camera model) provided as well. Pixel-peeper is a similar sample photo site that has a higher degree of filtering. Using the Advanced Search page, you can specify everything from lens and camera combo to focal length, aperture, exposure time, and ISO. If you’re considering a new lens or body, this might be a useful site to help you know what your resulting photos might feel like.

Compare Camera Gear with FindTheBest

FindTheBest is the latest startup founded by Kevin O’Connor, the guy who started the online ad company DoubleClick and sold it to Google for over $3 billion. It’s a human-powered comparison engine consisting of “comparison apps” in which various things of the same category are compared side by side with comparison points specific to that category. For example, the camera lenses comparison app allows you to browse lenses from a number of manufacturers, filtering and ordering them by things such as focal length, minimum aperture, and weight.

The site needs to gain a lot more traction before other photography-related apps turn up (e.g. tripods, photo labs, etc…), but the site could potentially be very useful for browsing camera gear and other photography-related categories in the future.

Browse Your Flickr Contacts’ Fav Photos

contacts who’ve faved is a web application that allows you to quickly browse through photographs that your contacts recently marked as a favorite. Simply give the application read permissions by logging into it via Flickr, and it will display a grid of thumbnails for you to enjoy. The service was created by Aaron Straup Cope, a senior engineer on the Flickr team.