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Here’s an 80x Super-Telephoto Lens for Smartphones


We recently shared an impressive demo of the 65x optical zoom lens on the Canon SX60. If you’re a smartphone shooter who wants the same reach without having to buy a new camera, check out this ridiculous 80x lens for smartphones.
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Film Roll-Shaped Toilet Paper Dispenser

This giant film roll packs a roll of toilet paper instead of photographic film. It’s refillable, and can be placed on a table (dispensing TP through the top) or mounted on a wall (with the TP coming out the side). They come in red, yellow, and green, and cost $17 apiece over at Brando.

100 Film Paper Towel Box (via Unplggd via Jim Golstein)

Buy this Canon 7D and 70-200mm Piggy Bank to Save Money

This Canon 7D and 70-200mm combo only costs $36 and helps you save money. How? Well it’s actually a fancy piggy bank! Like the Canon 350D and 24-105mm L piggy bank we shared last year, you use this one by shoving coins into the lens.
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Camcorder with Telescopic Lens for $100

Sony recently announced an interchangeable lens camcorder, but if you can’t stand the wait until it’s released, cheap gadget dealer Brando has these Vivikai camcorders that come equipped with an 8x telescope. The Chinese company, Vivikai (no relation to Vivitar) has more photos of this Frankenstein camcorder mod on their site.

In spite of decent specs, including 12 megapixel image resolution and ISO 100, the standard definition telescoped image looks like it was taken with a toy camera. But for $100, that sounds about right.

(via Engadget)