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Instagram Quietly Releases One-Tap Snapchat Competitor Bolt in a Few Select Countries

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 7.49.32 AM

We knew that Instagram was working on a Snapchat competitor of its own, and now that competitor has arrived… sort of… not really. It’s called Bolt, and the ‘sort of’ and ‘not really’ have to do with the fact that the iOS and Android app is currently only available to people in New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Read more…

Lightning Bolt Nearly Hits Group of Photographers

William Phuoc and a few other storm chasers were shooting a thunderstorm in the Australian grasslands when a huge bolt of lightning struck the ground about 200 meters away. Luckily, they captured the strike on video and Phuoc’s Canon EOS-1D Mark IV (using a 14mm lens and lightning trigger) was able to capture an amazing photograph of the strike.

Stabilize Your Camera for $1 with a Washer, Bolt, and String

You’ve likely seen this DIY trick before, but it doesn’t hurt to share this for those who haven’t. Instead of carrying around a tripod or monopod, you can easily stabilize your camera using a washer, some string, and a bolt. It’s a cheap and easy stabilizer that you can carry around with you in your camera bag for those moments when you wish you had a steadier hand.