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Alpinist Aluminum Case Protects Your Camera Against Mountains

Yes, it looks like some kind of futuristic spaceship fuel cell, but it’s actually the Alpinist camera case by BetaShell. As you might remember, BetaShell sells a line of lens cases that guard against extreme environments, and the Alpinist offers the same kind of protection for people looking to bring compact cameras into extreme environments (rock climbing or extreme skiing, for example). They’re made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, and come in a few different sizes priced between $60 and $120 over on the BetaShell website.

Alpinist Camera Cases (via Gizmodo)

Prepare Your Lenses for an Apocalypse with BETA Shell Cases

The soft cases that are often bundled with higher-end lenses are good for preventing minor scrapes and bruises, but offer little when it comes to protecting your glass against harsher dangers. The BETA Shell line of SLR lens cases are designed to guard your lens against most things extreme environments can throw at them, offering protection from water, impacts, and extreme temperatures.

The cases range in price from $45 to $84 depending on the size of your lens, and are available through the official website.

BETA Shell (via PDN)