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Clever $15 DIY Gear Hack Straps All Your Stray Light Stands Together for Easy Carrying

When it comes to carrying light stands, it’s usually best to use a dedicated case so they don’t get damaged and carrying them is less of a hassle. But there are times when a case isn’t a viable option. This usually leaves you struggling to carry them all at once or making multiple trips to the car just to get your light stands.

Thankfully, Dave Bode from Tuts Plus has come up with a cheap and clever gear-hack that makes carrying several mismatched light stands a lot less awkward.

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Quikdraw: A Lens Holster Belt that Uses Mounts Instead of Bags

If you were challenged to a duel by a renegade photographer, how quickly would you be able to draw your lens? Would you be able to Quikdraw?

Wanting a better way to swap lenses on-the-go, Phoenix-based photographer and engineer Riley Kimball came up with the brilliant why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea of a lens holster belt based around lens mounts. His product is called the Quikdraw.
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Capture Camera Clip Attaches DSLRs to Belts, Backpacks, Bikes, and Cars

Engineer Peter Dering wanted a better solution for carrying his DSLR around so, after tinkering around with ideas and prototypes for a couple years, he quit his job and designed the Capture Camera Clip System, a small device that lets you securely attach your DSLR to belts and backpack straps. There’s also plans for an attachment that will allow you to attach cameras to the frame of your bike or the roof of your car. The camera attachment uses the standard tripod mount, and the base piece has a quick release system that provides easy access whenever the camera is needed. It’ll cost around $70 when it begins shipping in July, but you can support the project and pre-order a unit for $50 through its Kickstarter campaign.
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Limited Edition Canon F-1 Belt Buckle

We featured a Nikon belt buckle here last month, and now here’s one by Canon. It’s a limited edition Canon F-1 belt buckle made by Lewis Buckles in Chicago for Canon in the 1970s. Charles Eves won the one above for $3 in an eBay auction. The seller was a former Canon salesman that was awarded the belt buckle for his high sales.

I wonder what Canon is awarding their employees nowadays…

Thanks for the tip, Lloyd!

Image credit: Photograph by Charles Eves and used with permission

Hip Camera Holsters Batman Would Approve Of

Apparently, there are plenty of people who find a traditional camera strap to be a (pardon the pun) pain in the neck.

Italian company CPtech recently announced a camera holster design, the B-grip. It’s a strap-free contraption screws in to the camera body like a tripod head, and then is clipped into a holster for a belt — a utility belt, perhaps?

The whole idea is that the camera can be quickly released or carried securely against the photographer’s body. The B-grip will run you about $50.

The B-grip will probably create some competition for Shai Gear’s similar belt holster, the Spider Holster, which looks and sounds more like a Bruce Wayne-Peter Parker collaboration. Unlike the B-grip, the Spider Holster doesn’t actually clip in; it slides in and out for easy access.

The Spider Holster has been out for about a year now and costs about $110 — if they’re in stock.

Personally, I don’t trust my butterfingers with a strapless camera; I usually wrap the strap around my hand several times if it’s not around my neck or shoulder.

What are your thoughts? Are you a strap-free daredevil or are you a seasoned strap-manager?