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Photographs of Outdoor Trees Framed by Giant White Canvases

Tree #8, 2007

For his project titled “Tree,” South Korean photographer Myoung Ho Lee found solitary trees out in nature and then erected giant white canvas backdrops behind them. He then created photos showing the trees surrounded by artificial boxes in their natural surroundings.
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Keep a Personal Catalog of Photo Shoot Spaces and Backdrops

If you’re a fan of shooting portraits in outdoor environments, David Hobby of Strobist has a great tip: keep a catalog of spaces and backdrops that you stumble upon. Anytime you need a backdrop, just flip through your catalog and select the one you (or your subject) like. If you have a GPS-enabled camera, simply snap a photo at the various locations and throw them into an app that can display the locations on a map for you. There’s also a nifty free app called ShootLocal designed for this very purpose.

How and Why to Keep a Location Catalog [Strobist]

Image credit: Vine Wall by terriseesthings, Vines on Brick Wall by Chris Campbell, and Vine Wall by ChibiJosh