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Lions Pounce on Fallen Camera Drone After a Fly-By Goes Horribly Wrong

Here’s another case to file under “It’s a bad idea to fly camera drones too close to animals”: James and Mira Raley of The Honey Badger recently tried to do a “quick flight” with their camera drone over a group of male lions. Unfortunately for them, they lost control during the flight, crashed the drone into a nearby tree, and watched helplessly as the lions pounced on the fallen “prey” with the camera still rolling.
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Woman Violently Attacks Photographer on Beach for Using a Quadcopter

Editor’s Note: This video contains strong language that is not suitable for viewing at work.

We’ve seen our fair share of photographers being harassed by people who would rather they not be taking pictures in a public space. Be it a cop or an angry citizen, the worst it typically gets is the photographer being forced (illegally) to delete the photos he or she has taken.

This particular run in, however, goes far, far beyond that as the upset citizen begins violently assaulting the photographer. Read more…

Photographer Tackled by 3 Security Guards at the Smithsonian While Covering Strike


While cover a fast food workers strike at the National Air and Space Museum last week, photographer Kristoffer Tripplaar was forcefully brought down by no less than three security guards when he accidentally bumped into one of them in an attempt to protect his equipment. Read more…

Video: Photographers Attacked During Riots in Paris

A huge anti-gay-marriage protest in Paris turned violent yesterday, leading to hundreds of arrests and tens of injuries. Among those attacked by rioters were photojournalists documenting the scene. An attack on two photographers was captured in the video above. It’s interesting to see that although nearby photographers come to the aid of their colleague, they first stop to snap some photos of the scuffle prior to doing so.

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Man Attacked and Killed by the Beaver He Was Trying to Photograph


When snapping pictures of wild animals in the great outdoors, there are some animals that photographers generally know to be careful around. These include creatures that are massive (e.g. moose, elephants), anything at the top of the food chain (e.g. lions, tigers, bears), and anything venomous (e.g. snakes). Well, you might also want to add the beaver to that mental list of yours.

It turns out beavers can be very dangerous, and even deadly. A man over in Belarus was killed recently after getting too close to a beaver he was trying to photograph.
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Nikon Rumors Site Attacked Days After Cinema5D’s Hacker Woes

If you tried to visit the Nikon Rumors site this morning, you’ve probably gotten an error message. According to the Google information, 47 pages from the site were tested over the last three months, and one page resulted in malicious software downloaded and installed without user consent. It appears that the site was flagged for that content yesterday. Yikes.

Another camera-related site, Cinema5D was attacked last weekend. Sebastian Wöber of Cinema5D wrote that primarily users running older browsers, particularly PC users running IE6 or users who downloaded Java or PDF apps were at risk of malware.

It’s unclear why these photo-related sites were attacked, but it’s a good idea to run a virus check if you frequent either of the sites, especially if you are in the at-risk group. Sophos has more information about the attack, which is common to sites running OpenX ad servers, here.