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ASUS Unveils a Smartphone Xenon Flash Unit That’s 400x Brighter Than LED Flashes


Taking photos is one of the main ways people use smartphones these days, and phone makers are trying all kinds of ideas for one-upping its competitors in photo features. ASUS just showed off its latest idea today: a powerful xenon flash dongle that attaches to the back of the phone.
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The ASUS ZenFone Zoom is the World’s Thinnest 3x Optical Zoom Smartphone


Smartphones don’t need to be bulky to offer a camera with optical zoom. Just take the new ASUS ZenFone Zoom, which packs a 3x optical zoom system into a phone that’s less than 12mm thick. It’s the world’s thinnest 3x optical zoom smartphone.
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It’s Not Just Phones: Tablets Are Trying to Replace Compact Cameras As Well

Guess what camera was used to shoot the photograph above? A tablet computer. It was shot using the new ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet, which features a camera with a 8-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS sensor, an f/2.4 autofocus lens, an LED flash, and 1080p HD video recording. Looks like we’ll soon be seeing a lot more people whip out tablets for everyday snapshots.
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