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Comic: The Trend of One-Photo-a-Day Art Projects

It's my most ambitious project yet, judging by the amount of guacamole.

Here’s a little comic titled “Art Project” by xkcd that pokes fun at the way people are using cameras to capture the passage of time and create art. One of the pioneers in this space was photographer Noah Kalina, who has been shooting a selfie every day since the year 2000. His latest “Everyday” compilation video released in 2012 showed 12.5 years of his life in 7.5 minutes. People have since taken this project into all kinds of creative directions.

In case you didn’t catch it: the two people on the left are simply capturing an ordinary photo and 24fps video, respectively.

Google’s 360º Pano Robot Gets In On the Selfie Game In ‘The Camera In The Mirror’


Spanish Artist, Mario Santamaria decided to create an interesting self-portrait series, titled The Camera in the Mirror. However, the portraits aren’t of himself, or any human for that matter. They’re of a little piece of engineering from the brains behind Google Street View, retrofitted for Google’s Art Project.

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The LA Bus Bench Public Art Project, From Idea to Reality


What do you get when a city council member’s office, two art nonprofits and an outdoor media company come together and agree on something? What you get is this terrific Los Angeles Public Art Project. Read more…

Visit the World’s Oldest Photo Museum Through Google Art Project


Opened in 1949, the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York is the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography. It’s world renowned for its collection of more than 400,000 photos and negatives dating back to when the medium was first invented.

If you would like to check out some of the museum’s photos but can’t make the trip out to Rochester, there’s now a sleek new way for you to browse the imagery. The museum announced this week that it has become the first photo museum to join the Google Art Project.
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Disposable Cameras Exposed by Artists On Sale for $1,000 Each — Undeveloped

New York City gallery W/—— (pronounced “with”) seems to think that art buying has gotten a bit snobby, and that photographers have gotten a bit used to having unlimited chances to capture the perfect shot. Enter their new Disposable Cameras project, currently on display at the NADA art fair in Miami through this weekend. If you visit W/——‘s booth at the fair, you’ll find a wall of 24 hanging disposable cameras, each with a very hefty price tag.
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Google Art Project Brings Street View-Style Photos to Art Museums

You can now visit some of the most famous art museums in the world the same way you visit streets in the Street View of Google Maps. Art Project is a new Google website that uses Street View technology to make 17 top museums accessible to people who might not otherwise visit them.
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