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Hipstamatic DSPO is Like a Virtual Disposable Camera You Can Share with Friends


Filtered photo sharing pioneer Hipstamatic is back with a new photo app that puts more emphasis on collaboration than it does on filters. Called DSPO, the new app is like a virtual disposable camera that can be shared among friends.
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Sony’s Touchless Shutter App Lets You Trigger Your Camera with the Eye Sensor


Sony has released a new app called Touchless Shutter that lets you trigger cameras without touching them, or anything else, at all. Instead of pressing the shutter button, you can instead hold your hand over the camera’s eye sensor to expose a shot.
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EllaSnap Helps You Measure and Design Your Walls for Photo Collages


EllaSnap is a photo canvas and book making service that offers an interesting app for helping you design a photo arrangement for your walls. Instead of spending time and energy measuring your walls yourself, the app lets you easily see what your design would look like on your wall using augmented reality.
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I Hardly Know Her: A Free Flickr Viewer with Minimal Distractions


Want a cleaner way to show someone your Flickr photographs? Check out the website I Hardly Know Her (IHKH). It’s a free web app that repackages any public Flickr photostream into a super minimalist layout that puts all the focus on your photos.
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Snapseed Version 2.0 Brings New Filters, Tools, Non-Destructive Editing, and More


Google today announced that it is starting to roll Snapseed 2.0 out for users of the popular mobile photo editing app. The new app contains a number of powerful new features, including filters, effects, a number of new tools, non-destructive editing, and copy-and-paste for edits.
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VSCO Cam Adds the Alchemy Collection: 10 Presets for Cross Processed Looks


The war of photo filters rages on. Instagram recently added more filters and more editing tools to its popular smartphone app, and now VSCO is striking back with a new set of presets of its own. The company has just released The Alchemy Collection, a pack of 10 presets for giving your photos the look of cross processed film.
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Apple Launches Photos for OS X in Yosemite’s 10.10.3 Update


After months of teasing and beta testing, Apple has just officially launched Photos for OS X to the general public. This is the single app that replaces both iPhoto and Aperture as Apple’s photo management software. It features a streamlined and simplified design, photo editing tools, cloud storage, syncing photos across your devices, and more.

If you’re a Mac user on OS X Yosemite, you can get the app right now by updating your operating system to version 10.10.3 through the Mac App Store.

Timelapse Pro is a Premium App by Triggertrap for Complex Timelapse Projects


Triggertrap has announced Timelapse Pro, a new app for its mobile camera control kits that gives time-lapse photographers more flexibility in creating complex sequences than the basic Triggertrap app.
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Photojojo’s Disposable Camera App Lets You Make 27 Prints with No Reviews or Redos


The popular photo newsletter and online store Photojojo has launched an iPhone app called Disposable Camera. It’s a digital version of the disposable cameras of old, allowing users to snap 27 exposures and receive the photos as physical prints on your doorstep.
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Microsoft’s New Office Lens App Can Transform Your Phone Into a Simple Photo Scanner


Today Microsoft announced that it has released its Office Lens app for iOS and Android. If you’ve never heard of it before, Office Lens is an advanced camera app that turns your phone into a scanner. Take a picture of a document or a whiteboard, and the app will automatically turn the image into a straight and clear scan.

What’s neat is that the app can also be used to quickly and neatly digitize a print instead of putting the photo through an actual scanner.
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