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Touching 61st Anniversary Photos Inspired by the Pixar Movie ‘Up!’


Sixty-one years ago, when Dorothy and Donald Lutz got married, there was one conspicuous absence as they recited their vows: the wedding photographer… he never showed up. And while they can’t go back in time and right that wrong, granddaughter-in-law and event planner Lauren Wells recently made sure that they would have a photo album worth envying. Read more…

PetaPixel Turns Four Years Old

bdayPetaPixel turns four years old today. As the blog continues to grow at a healthy clip, we’re slowly looking to expand our team of writers. Just last week we decided to open up applications to anyone interested in working for PetaPixel as a blogger. We received hundreds of applications that came in at a rate of about one per minute.

Needless to say, you’ll likely be seeing some new faces ’round these parts in the coming days. We’re planning to fill in various positions with talented writers and photographers who are passionate about spreading the joy of photography across the world (wide web).

Here’s a big thank you to all of you who read PetaPixel — your support and visits keep this site going, and we can’t wait to spend another year sharing everything that’s awesome in the world of photography with you!

The History of Photoshop as Told by Its Founding Fathers

Back in 2010, Adobe put out a short documentary called “Startup Memories — The Beginning of Photoshop” to celebrate the program’s 20-year anniversary by recalling its past. Somehow, that documentary slipped through our fingers at the time, but seeing as we’ve already started a conversation on how Photoshop is “remixing the world,” we thought it was an opportune time to share this blast from the past.

In the video, the founders of Photoshop — John Knoll, Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman — sit down around a table and talk about the series of coincidences and circumstances that led to the creation of the tool that has visually redefined our times. Read more…

Flickr Celebrates Commons’ 5th Birthday with Galleries of Most Popular Photos


Flickr celebrated the 5th year anniversary of the launch of The Commons today. The massive collection of public domain photos now includes more than 250,000 images from 56 different libraries, archives, and museums.
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The Story Behind the Iconic Photograph of the First Flight of an Airplane


Yesterday marked the 109th anniversary of the first aviation photograph ever snapped. Back on December 17th, 1903, an amateur photographer named John Thomas Daniels Jr. captured the now-iconic photograph above showing the Wright brothers’ first flight.
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PetaPixel Turns Three Years Old

PetaPixel is now a three-year-old blog. Our readership has continued to grow at a healthy rate over the past year, and recently we even added our first full time writer, DL Cade (if you follow this blog regularly then you’ve already seen plenty of his work). We’ve had a blast bringing you all the most interesting tidbits from the world of photography on a daily basis.

We’ve been thinking of having a meetup in real life for anyone and everyone interested in cameras and photography. Possible locations include NorCal, SoCal, and NYC. If you’re located in any of these places — or elsewhere — and would be interested in attending such a thing, please let us know in the comments! We’d like to gauge our readers’ interest in this kind of thing.

To all you awesome readers out there: thanks a bazillion for visiting this site, for commenting, and for sharing it with your friends!

Color Photography Turns 150 Years Old

Color photography was born on this day 150 years ago in 1861 when Scottish physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell and photographer Thomas Sutton — inventor of the SLR camera — shot the above photograph of a colored ribbon.

[...] Maxwell proposed that if three black-and-white photographs of a scene were taken through red, green and violet filters, and transparent prints of the images were projected onto a screen using three projectors equipped with similar filters, when superimposed on the screen the result would be perceived by the human eye as a complete reproduction of all the colours in the scene.

During an 1861 Royal Institution lecture on colour theory, Maxwell presented the world’s first demonstration of colour photography by this principle of three-colour analysis and synthesis, the basis of nearly all subsequent photochemical and electronic methods of colour photography. Thomas Sutton, inventor of the single-lens reflex camera, did the actual picture-taking. He photographed a tartan ribbon three times, through red, green and blue filters. [...] Because Sutton’s photographic plates were in fact insensitive to red and barely sensitive to green, the results of this pioneering experiment were far from perfect. [#]

Thus began modern color theory and the fundamentals behind how your DSLR captures color.

(via Popular Photography)

PetaPixel Turns Two Years Old

PetaPixel turns two today. I won’t bore you with statistics like I did last year, since those are shared at the end of each calendar year, but our readership continues to grow at a pretty healthy clip. This marks the end of my first year of publishing PetaPixel as my full time job — I haven’t really used my computer science education at all, but I would take blogging about photography over a programming job any day!

You haven’t heard much from Jessica Lum this last year because she’s been loaded with work since entering Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism. You might be seeing her around again once she graduates from the program next May, but best of luck to her as she finishes the final year of her program.

So far PetaPixel has remained pretty much a one-man operation. As we continue to grow, we might be looking to add more writers and expand our content in different ways, but that’ll probably be in the semi-distant future.

I hope you’ve been enjoying our content so far, and that you’ll keep visiting as we continue in our mission to publish photography-related awesomeness for all the photography-lovers of the world. Thanks so much for reading, commenting, retweeting, liking, and everything else that you do!

PetaPixel Turns One Year Old

I started PetaPixel one year ago today during my last few weeks as an undergraduate computer science student at Berkeley. I worked on the blog quite a bit that summer, and in August 2009 I went back to Berkeley for graduate studies in computer science.

Time sure flies by, and I’m graduating with a master’s degree this Sunday. Writing PetaPixel has been an amazing experience so far, and so much has happened in the past year.

When this blog was launched, the focus was more educational, and I tried to write articles to pass on things I’ve learned about photography. Posts ranged from post-processing walkthroughs to guides on how to buy and sell gear on a student budget. We also had weekly interviews with photographers and giveaways semi-regularly.

As grad school became busier, I had less time to do photography, and posts became less frequent on PetaPixel as well. A big turning point came when Jessica Lum, a high school friend of mine, joined PetaPixel as co-editor in November 2009. Sharing the load really helped, and posting has been consistent since then.

Our mission statement is “to inform, educate, and inspire in all things related to photography.” We shifted more towards informing and inspiring in the past few months as my research became busier, but in the future we hope to diversify the content a bit more so that PetaPixel isn’t limited to being simply a news blog on photography.

Starting next week, PetaPixel is going to be my full time job. I can’t really say I’ve quit my job for blogging, since I’ve never had one, but instead of finding some software engineering position somewhere I’m going to be doing this. Coincidentally, I’m leaving Berkeley as Jessica is arriving — she’s entering the Graduate School of Journalism this fall.

For those who are interested, I’ll share some statistics. This is the 663rd post on PetaPixel, and we’ve received 6,079 comments from our awesome readers so far. We currently have about 5,600+ subscribers through RSS and email, 52,000+ Twitter followers, 3,300+ Facebook fans, and 2,100+ Flickr group members. In the past year we’ve received over 3.4 million pageviews from 1.9 million unique visitors, and are currently serving over 1 million pageviews per month.

Thanks to all of you who read this blog and make things interesting by commenting and connecting with us in various ways.

So much has happened in the past year, and I’m definitely looking forward to all that’s in store for us in year two!