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Rumor: Sony Plans to Release a New ‘Pro’ Full-Frame E-Mount Camera By Mid-February


After a rather bland Photokina and PhotoPlus for Sony, it’s no surprise that they’re cooking up something really great for the photography world behind the scenes. And while we don’t have any more concrete news about the rumored medium format camera in the works, a very reliable rumor says to expect a new, pro level full-frame E-Mount within the next 3 months!

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Sony May Make A-Mounts Fully Mirrorless in 2014, Working on a A-E Hybrid As Well


A few weeks ago, we reported that Sony may be in the process of dropping its unique pellicle mirror SLT technology. The rumor claimed that the company would be saying goodbye to the translucent mirror in favor a fully mirrorless A-Mount line. Well, if patents are to be trusted, that rumor has been confirmed just as another exciting Sony rumor hits the mill. Read more…

Sony’s Revolutionary Pellicle Mirror SLT Technology May Be Going Away


Back in August 2010, Sony shook up the camera industry by announcing the first pellicle mirror DSLRs, the A33 and the A55. Rather than being called SLRs, the new cameras were labeled SLT, or “single lens translucent”, cameras.

Now, less than three years later, we may be seeing Sony’s big SLT experiment coming to an end. Sony’s A58 announced back in February may be the company’s last APS-C camera to feature pellicle mirror technology.
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Sigma Announces 4 New Lenses, Shows MFT and E-Mount Some Love


Sigma is making camera lovers happy today with the announcement of four new lenses. Well, actually it’s one new lens and three new versions of old lenses, but it’s good news all the same. All of the new lenses are part of Sigma’s sleek ART product line, and were announced today at the CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2013 in Japan. Read more…

Sony NEX Cameras Can Now Autofocus A-Mount Lenses in Slow Motion

Owners of Sony’s NEX line of EVIL cameras can now autofocus A-mount lenses that are used with Alpha DSLRs. Previously A-mount lenses attached to NEX cameras via the $200 LA-EA1 adapter could only be manually focused, but with the firmware update Sony released today they can be autofocused for single shots at the blazing speed of 2 to 7 seconds per autofocus.

Wait, what?

Yes, apparently users may have to wait up to seven seconds for your camera to lock onto a subject. You might want to stick with that manual focus after all. The new firmware can be download here.

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Sony Interchangeable Lens Camcorder Boasts Quality Video and Stills

Canon and Nikon broke ground when they launched DSLRs that have HD video capabilities. Now Sony’s taking a different approach by offering a comparatively affordable HD video camera with all the attractiveness of interchangeable lenses, plus the ability to take high resolution stills.

Sony revealed its plans to release a camcorder with the same interchangeable lens system as their NEX series cameras this past May, but announced today that the NEX-VG10 will be available in September for around $2000.

Not only will the camcorder share the same Sony E-mount as the NEX series (it comes standard with a kit 18-200mm f3.5-6.3 lens), Sony DSLR owners will be pleased to know that with a separate adapter, the camcorder can be mounted with any A-mount lenses — including Sony G and Carl Zeiss lenses.

The camcorder also has the same Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor as the NEX-3 and NEX-5. The DSLR sized sensor alone gives the camera a lot of extra real estate to work with; Sony boasts the sensor to be approximately 19.5 times larger than the standard sensor of conventional camcorders.

The NEX-VG10 can shoot 1920×1080 high def video at 60 fps, which Sony says is ideal for Blu-Ray recording. And for stills shooting, it can capture 14 megapixel images with a continuous burst of up to 7 fps.

Some benefits of using the NEX-VG10 over a video DSLR is that the camcorder has the right ergonomics and image stabilization for shooting video, and doesn’t have the same limited clip time that plagues DSLR video shooters — it can shoot up to 315 continuous minutes. Also, Sony says the NEX-VG10 has a silent auto-focus system that could cut down on noise typical on video DSLRs.

Stills shooters may appreciate the camera’s Auto HDR mode, but the fact that it doesn’t shoot RAW images could be a dealbreaker.

You can pre-order the NEX-VG10 from Sony Style.

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