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New Website Offers Unique “Pimped Out” Versions of the Nikon 1

Here’s a cool idea for those of you who feel that the colors you have to choose from when buying a Nikon 1 mirrorless camera are a teensy bit lacking. A new German website called Pimp Your Cam (Note: some images on the site are NSFW) will soon start selling unique, airbrushed Nikon 1 cameras and customization options through the site and at select retailers.

The site and idea is the brain child of photographer Jens Br├╝ggemann and Berlin airbrush artist Torsten Rachu, and each design they come up with is 100% unique. In fact, if you order a design — which, according to their press release, you’ll soon be able to do from their website — that design will be removed from the site as soon as the order goes through. Check out some of their impressive work after the break. Read more…