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Shocking Aerial Photographs Highlight the Stark Economic Divide in Mexico


The gap between the wealthy and the poverty-stricken is very wide in Mexico, but that gap doesn’t necessarily translate into physical distance, as this striking ad campaign by photographer Oscar Ruíz and Publicis Mexico boldly illustrates. Read more…

Heartwarming Skype Campaign Digitally Reunites People for Family Portraits

Skype recently embarked on a touching ad campaign called Stay Together in which they use photography and the magic of the Internet to reunite families that live on opposite sides of the world by creating “impossible family portraits.” Read more…

Ad Campaign Uses Powerful Photographs to Explain that Facebook Likes Don’t Help


When they were tasked with putting together a powerful advertising campaign for Crisis Relief Singapore, ad agency Publicis Singapore mixed heart-wrenching photos with a hard-to-swallow tagline to create something quite moving. Read more…

New Canon Ad Campaign Takes a Swing at Smartphone Photography


Smartphones have been stealing market share from the big camera manufacturers for years now, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll stop anytime soon. Naturally, that leads to a healthy fear from companies like Canon and Nikon who, unlike Sony or Samsung, don’t have players on both sides.

For its part, Canon has decided to start fighting back in the form of a new advertising campaign with the tagline: “don’t let a call interrupt your photo.” Read more…

Health Agency in Hot Water for ‘Shopping a Little Girl to Look Obese for an Ad


The California government health agency First 5 was created to help “nurture and protect our most precious resource — our children.” As such, one of their programs aims to stop childhood obesity by reaching out to parents and educating them about proper nutrition.

The agency’s recent poster meant to show the dangers of sugary drinks, however, seems to have gone a bit too far, using Photoshop to make a healthy child look obese and drawing the ire of the public in the process. Read more…

Behind the Scenes Creating A Moving Still With Dave Hill

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional moving still is put together, this behind-the-scenes video of Dave Hill‘s shoot for Fiat should shed a little light on the matter. The final product is a composite mix of stills shot using a 5D Mark II and a Hasselblad H3D-50, and high-speed video shot using a Phantom Flex and a Phantom Gold.

(via ISO1200)

Controversial French Ad Campaign for Photographers’ Rights

French photographers organization Union des Photographes Professionnels (UPP) launched a controversial new advertising campaign this week, speaking out against the use of photographs without proper permission and/or payment. The ad reads: “Each day, a photographer’s work is used without his consent”. A spokesperson for UPP states,

It’s obvious that professional photographers are not being listened to. So, for the first time, we’re speaking to the photographic community with an image. We hope to raise awareness among the public, as well as the media and the government, about photographers’ problems. Each day, photographers are faced with decreasing rates. They are forced to compete against image libraries that are offering vile prices. These practices are infringing on photographers’ moral rights.

In a blog post, the organization adds, “Each day, photographers risk their lives to allow us to stay informed. And each day, photographers continue to be dealt with as if they weren’t producing anything. […] With this image, we want to show the violent and disrespectful economic reality that photographers have to deal with.”

(via UPP via BJP via The Click )

Olympus Ad Campaign Disses Cell Phone Photography

Photographer Mark Matthews of Sydney, Australia spotted the above plaque on a sidewalk that reads,

If your camera also sends text messages, that will explain why your photos are rubbish

Turns out it’s a clever new ad campaign by Olympus titled “Get a Real Camera“. Visiting the website on the plaque takes you to the Olympus Australia website.

(via Chase Jarvis)

Image credit: Photograph by Mark Matthews and used with permission

Stock Photo Poster Girl “Changes” Her Political Stance

Here’s a big reason not to use stock images in a political ad campaign – the model’s “loyalty” can be bought.

According to BBC News, a witty public relations battle has sprung up between two opposing political parties in Northern Ireland, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Ulster Conservatives and Unionists (UCU).

A designer for the UCU recognized the image of the woman on the DUP poster from a stock photo agency. He purchased another image of “Kristen” to run in a spoof advertisement, which says she had a change of heart. A UCU spokesperson then challenged the opposite party, asking them to verify which voter constituency in Northern Ireland the woman was from.

In spite of their PR predicament, the DUP responded, saying that the situation has only upped their publicity. There’s always a silver lining.

(via The Online Photographer)

Image Credit: DUP Billboard by DUP photos

Would You Like a Portrait with Your Burger?

Burger King recently partnered up with marketing agency Ogilvy for a unique “Have It Your Way” campaign. In order to convey how personalized the orders are, they used a hidden camera and printer to slap a candid photograph of the customer’s face right on the burger wrapper. A separate hidden camera was used to document the reactions of the customers after seeing themselves on their food.

Some customers pulled out cameras to remember the unique wrapper, while others stated they would save the wrapper itself. I found it pretty funny how unflattering the candid portraits were.

(via CNET)