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Actor Rupert Grint Reviews 3D Camera

Famed for his role as Harry Potter’s best pal Ron Weasley, actor Rupert Grint says he’s a bit of a tech geek and jumped at the opportunity to review the Fujifilm W1 3D.

Grint says he was fairly impressed with the camera:

…[S]witching over to the 3D mode opens up a whole new world. Shooting 3D video was the most impressive aspect of it; this really showed off what the camera is capable of. You are free to move with the camera and try more ambitious shots. I experimented, trying to capture objects moving towards you, and seemingly coming at you out of the screen when played back. I was impressed; it worked surprisingly well.

However, Grint concludes that the 3D camera is not without “a few other downsides”.

You can read the rest of Grint’s review at the UK’s Daily Mail site.

Actor Aaron Eckhart Loves Photography

It’s fairly common for actors to try their hand at directing or producing films, but Aaron Eckhart has created a bit of a buzz by shooting his own photos. The self-described “photo geek” completed a commercial shoot for Molly Sim’s jewelery line. Eckhart hopes to go pro soon and have his own exhibitions.

“I’m obsessed with it–it’s all I do,” he told People “That’s really the only thing I think about.” He also cites Peter Lindbergh and Bruce Weber, as well as French and Italian Vogue as his inspiration.

The actor, most recognized for his performances in Thank You for Smoking and The Dark Knight, went on to describe his shooting style:

Straight-up fashion photography in the studio–that’s not what I necessarily aspire to, you know? I like to be outside, on location, making up stories… That’s where my acting comes in.

(via People)

Image Credit: Aaron Eckhart by Shelby White