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Interview with Aaron Feinberg, Fine Art Landscape Photographer

Aaron Feinberg is an award-winning fine art landscape photographer. Visit his website here.

PetaPixel: Could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Aaron Feinberg: Well… I grew up on Long Island, NY. Spent summers at camp in upstate NY and was introduced to hiking and mountains that way. There was always a sense of achievement after reaching the peaks and taking in the view. That stuck with me through college, as I would head up there with friends while attending University of Albany for Atmospheric Science (Meteorology). After graduating, I headed out to UT to spend time ski-bumming and enjoying the amazing snow that UT has to offer. Throughout college I had a point-and-shoot digital with me that I would experiment with and explore. However, while out in UT I started to shoot my friends with my new one, a Canon A610, they encouraged me to pursue my hobby. With that I purchased a Canon 20D and 17-85 in March of ’06. You could say the rest is history.
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Shooting Stunning Hawaiian Landscapes with Aaron Feinberg

Some might think that taking photos in exotic locations like Hawaii is “too easy.” But anybody who has tried and failed to capture that perfect sunset or gorgeous beach photo knows that seeing beauty, or even being surrounded by it, doesn’t mean you’ll be able to snap great pictures of it. In this video we follow award-winning photographer Aaron Feinberg as he hikes to several of his favorite locations and composes some beautiful shots. Read more…