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34-Year-Old Actress Photographed Using Instant Film That Expired 34 Years Ago

Fine art and portrait photographer Edouard Janssens — the man behind the 1 to 100 years project we featured some time ago — recently decided that he wanted to begin using large-format instant film to shoot an art series of “eerie” portraits. In order to do this, he had to painstakingly acquired several pieces of expensive gear, and during this search he stumbled on one very special find: a box of 8×10 Polaroid instant film that had expired in October of 1978. Read more…

Homemade 8×10 Camera Created with Foam Core and Rubber Bands

This foam core 8×10 camera was created by Daire Quinlan, the same guy that attached a 90 year old lens to his camera with homemade bellows.

The lens is an Industar 37 Russian large format 300mm designed for their FKD cameras. The shutter is a Sinar, takes standard 8×10 film holders.

Quinlan exposes onto photo paper instead of film, and focuses the camera by sliding the rear box forward and backward.
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