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Detailed Specs for the Pentax 645z Leaked 24 Hours Ahead of Official Announcement


The rumor sites are hard at work when it comes to Pentax’s soon-to-be-released medium format shooter, the 645z, and it looks like it paid off. In addition to the leaked photos and details from yesterday, we now have a comprehensive spec list that contains some very interesting tidbits indeed. Read more…

Pentax Announces Its Own CMOS Medium Format Camera, Will Show it Off at CP+


So much for a medium format CMOS sensor being a novel idea. Following closely behind Hasseblad and Phase One‘s CMOS medium format announcements is the news that Ricoh is working on its own CMOS MF model, a followup to the 645D that is tentatively being called the Pentax 645D 2014. Read more…

Pentax 645D 40 Megapixel Sample Photos

Pentax has just released five full resolution photographs taken with their new medium format DSLR, the Pentax 645D. These 40 megapixel photos are 7264×5440, and weigh in at around 17 megabytes each. The sample shot website also has EXIF data, though most of the page is in Japanese. There’s still no word on when (if ever) the 645D will be released outside Japan.