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Faking Motion with Still Photographs Shot with a Canon Rebel 550D

Design firm XNcreative shot some photographs with a Canon Rebel 550D (T2i) while flying over various locations in the western US, but didn’t feel the still photos captured the original grandeur of the locations, so they decided to turn the stills into a motion-faked video. It was all done using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Apple Motion. You can find a walkthrough for how it was created here if you want to try your hand at this 3D effect.

(via Photoxels)

First 3D Camera-Shift Music Video

This music video for the song “Doubtful Comforts” by Blue Roses is the first music video to employ wiggle stereoscopy to create a 3D effect that does not require special glasses to view.

Rather than use special glasses to provide two perspectives, wiggle stereoscopy alternates quickly between two perspectives in the image or video itself. While it’s probably the simplest 3D technique, many of you might find it nauseating.

Creator Fabian Röttger, part of the duo A Nice Idea Every Day, writes on the Vimeo page:

we did this with a two hd-cam package handheld & mounted on a dolly rolling with 50p. too bad the whole thing was not as easy as it sounds and involved a lot of testing and post production…

Here’s a tip: rather than focusing on the details of each scene, try to identify the area that is shaking the least, focusing on it with your eyes, and relaxing your gaze. Think Magic Eye.

(via Laughing Squid)