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Giza 3D: A Historically Accurate Online Recreation of the Giza Plateau

Several weeks ago we mentioned a new Google Maps feature that allows you to take virtual tours of famous locations all over the world. And now — coming out of a partnership between design firm Dassault Systèmes, Harvard University and the Boston Museum of Fine Arts — you can take a historically accurate, 3-dimensional, online look at Egypt’s entire Giza plateau online. Read more…

SynchroCam Connects Two Smartphones for Synchronized Photos

The future of consumer photography could very well be with new sensors, or more compact interchangeable lens cameras, or 41-megapixel smartphones; but why not cameras that are wirelessly tethered together? Thats what SynchroCam can do, and for a free app it’s pretty cool.

Using the app you can connect two iOS cameras (ideally from the same device) and take simultaneous shots with both. And even though the app was designed with stereoscopic GIF creation in mind, the hope is that the technology will start looking more like the Apollon Concept in the near future; letting you snap panoramas and 3D images using only 2 smartphones.

SynchroCam [iTunes]

New Electron Microscope Captures Real-Time 3D Photographs

A team of researchers at the Japan Science and Technology Agency have recently taken 3D imaging to another level. A much smaller level. What they’ve managed to do is develop an electron microscope that can show 3-dimensional photos of their tiny subjects in real-time. In the past, getting a 3D photo from an electron microscope meant superimposing two images taken at slightly different angles. But this new microscope allows the scientist to slant the electron beam and obtain both angles at the same time.

The resulting images are slightly lower in resolution, but the advantage of seeing their structure in 3 dimensions makes it a worthwhile tradeoff. And all this without the need for 3D glasses.

(via Gizmodo via The Verge)

Capture HD Video with Depth Using a DSLR and Microsoft Kinect

RGBDToolkit is a project that layers HD video recording with a DSLR over Microsoft Kinect’s depth maps, creating trippy 3D footage that may be an indication of what we’ll be documenting life with in the future.
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New Imaging System Captures 3D Interiors in Minutes

If it looks like a Kinect, and the prototype was once a Kinect, you’d think the result would be Kinect-like; but the Matterport system is much cooler than that. It can’t record you dancing with your friends in front of your TV, but what the it can do is render 3D interiors in minutes — something that was once a painstaking many-hour process.

The implications of easy-to-use 3D technology like this are limited only by your imagination: from something as simple as revolutionizing real estate photography and interior tours, to possibly introducing us to “virtualized” parts of our world we’d otherwise never get to see. There’s no substitute for going places, but just like Google’s 3D tours of popular landmarks, this kind of technology could bring far away places to us in a very realistic three-dimensional way.

Matterport (via Visual News)

BumpyPhoto Turns 2D Photographs into 3D Color Sculptures

At CES 2012 back in January, Casio showed off a 2D to 3D conversion service that turns photos into sculptures. Now a new Portland, Oregon-based company called BumpyPhoto is bringing the technology to the masses. With prices starting at $59, BumpyPhoto will take your standard photograph, turn it into a 3D model using their special software, and then create a color 3D relief sculpture for you.
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How to Visualize Photography Lighting Setups in Blender

Not too long ago I finally got around to picking up a decent manual flash for exploring lighting and speedlight techniques. I picked up a Yongnuo YN-560 Speedlight Flash for Canon and Nikon, and my friend Sean was kind enough to send me his old radio triggers to play with. I was mostly all set to start exploring the world of off-camera lighting…
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Portraits of Ladies in Cardboard Outfits

Dame di Cartone (“Cardboard Ladies”) is a project by Swiss-Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini in which he creates portraits of women that mimic the look of historical paintings. The styles include 17th century, fifties, and cubism.
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Stereogranimator: Create Your Own 3D Photos Using Vintage Stereographs

The New York Public Library has a massive collection of over 40,000 vintage stereographs (two photos taken from slightly different points of view). To properly share them with the world in 3D, the library has launched a new tool called the Stereogranimator. It lets you convert an old stereograph into either an animated 3D GIF (which uses “wiggle stereoscopy“) or an anaglyph (the kind that requires special glasses).
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Casio Shows Off 2D to 3D Conversion Service, Creepy Pet “Photos”

Casio is showing off a crazy 2D to 3D conversion service at CES that turns ordinary photographs into three-dimensional sculptures. The service takes a photograph, calculates depth using some fancy technology, and then prints out the result using a proprietary 3D printer. The examples they’re showing off aren’t too flattering though — the dog and cat sample photos were turned into sculptures that look like transdimensional taxidermy.

(via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by Andrew Liszewski/Gizmodo