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Dreamy Music Video Makes Excellent Use of 360° GoPro Rig for Psychedelic Visuals

The 360 GoPro rig video is nothing new, but most of the time it’s used to create footage that is likely to induce vomiting… or at the very least a minor headache. Wild Child’s new music video for the song ‘Rillo Talk’ is different.

Created by director Aaron Brown, the video uses the little planet effect to fluidly transition between dreamy, psychedelic scenes that perfectly match the song’s feel. Read more…

Create 360° Photos and Video Easily With 360Heros’ Plug-and-Play GoPro Holders


360-degree photos and videos are a niche market, but one that is growing. The ability to capture every angle, all at once, is intriguing to many photographers and videographers, but doing so is anything but simple. 360Heros, a pioneer in the field of 360° video, is trying to change that.

The company has come out with a set of patent-pending GoPro holders that promise to make it much easier to take 360° panoramic photos and video, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring the idea to fruition. Read more…

360-Degree Video: A Beautiful Helicopter Ride Through Scenic Landscapes

Check out this incredible 360-degree video by northStudio360, titled “The Nimmo Bay Experience”. They attached the camera(s) to the bottom of a helicopter, and flew through some incredibly beautiful landscapes. Simply click and drag to move the camera’s direction.
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360° Lens Lets You Shoot Panoramic Video on the iPhone 4

Lens attachments for the iPhone 4 already exist, but the GoPano micro is a bit different — it’s a 360° lens that records every direction at the same time. Once it’s recorded, you can go back and use a special viewer to watch the video from any perspective, panning the scene as the video is playing. EyeSee360, the company behind the product, has launched a Kickstarter project to fund it and gauge interest. After setting a goal of $20,000, they’ve already managed to raise over $50,000 with more than a month remaining. Backing the project for $50 on Kickstarter will preorder you one of these lenses.

The company already makes similar panoramic lenses for actual cameras, including most DSLR models.

GoPano micro (via CheesyCam)