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A Century of Voices: Portraits and Stories of People Ages 1 to 100


Every age has some unique insight to offer. That’s the basic idea behind the project 100 Ages, A Century of Voices by graduate students Katie Alaimo and Alyssa Goodman from the University of Missouri. The duo photographed and interviewed 100 Boone County residents from age 1 to age 100 and are now sharing those peoples’ stories through the project’s website. Read more…

100 Portraits of Women and Men Between the Ages of 1 and 100

1 to 100 Years Project is an awesome portrait project by Belgian photographer Edouard Janssens in which he photographed 100 women and 100 men at each age between 1 and 100. His goal was to show the aging process in a positive manner and to provide an interesting visualization of the link between generations. He didn’t handpick the subjects either — all the participants volunteered through the project’s website (excluding the kids, of course).
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