external U.S. Inquiry Sought In Police Treatment Of Press At Ferguson Protests —NYTimes

While agreeing that the blurring line between credentialed journalists and the public poses challenges for the police as they respond to protests, Suzanne Nossel, executive director of the PEN American Center, said that many of those distinctions were beside the point.

“The rights most important to the press are the rights everyone holds — to ask questions, to communicate, to be in a public place if they are acting peacefully,” she said in an interview.

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Clever $15 DIY Gear Hack Straps All Your Stray Light Stands Together for Easy Carrying

When it comes to carrying light stands, it’s usually best to use a dedicated case so they don’t get damaged and carrying them is less of a hassle. But there are times when a case isn’t a viable option. This usually leaves you struggling to carry them all at once or making multiple trips to the car just to get your light stands.

Thankfully, Dave Bode from Tuts Plus has come up with a cheap and clever gear-hack that makes carrying several mismatched light stands a lot less awkward.

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Ricoh’s New Theta M15 Lets You Capture 360° Photos and Videos with a Single Touch


Earlier today, Ricoh announced the Theta M15: the second iteration of its dual-lens 360º camera that first arrived last March. And while this update doesn’t add much to version 2.0 of Ricoh’s Theta lineup, the new camera does bring a few key features to the table. Read more…

external Repping Instagram Photographers – Tinker Street Mobile —A Photo Editor

imageedit_40_8646601561T. Brittain Stone asks Tinker Street Mobile artist rep Jesse Miller how the burgeoning company is able to gather and manage many of Instagram’s most followed talent. It seems the culture of the company is just as pleasant and laid-back as the product-placed images they produce.

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8 Legal Cases Every Photographer Should Know


Understanding your legal rights as a photographer can often be confusing and overwhelming. From copyright infringement to fair use to DMCA, there are a number of legal concepts that every photographer should be familiar with. Here are eight important legal cases that are illustrative of these concepts and the importance of registering your copyright. Read more…

Camera Mounted to Booze Bottle Captures Unique Perspective of Wedding Guests

Well… this is different. In an attempt to capture a unique perspective on his friends’ wedding, one guest decided to duct tape a camera to a bottle of Fireball whisky and walk around the rest of the attendees to take pulls.

What resulted was the kind of “how has nobody else ever thought of this!?” Fireball Cam perspective that will probably become a ‘thing’ at many a wedding over the next couple of months at least. Might not be a bad idea to add this to your service offerings if you’re a wedding photographer…

Here’s a Look at How Much Post-Processing Goes Into a L’Oréal Beauty Commercial

People can get really upset when you start using the P word. Magazine covers, professional portraits and even Instagram posts have been accused of using Photoshop. But nobody bats an eye when a beauty commercial comes on TV.

Photos are manipulated, video, unless there’s CGI involved, is immune from such falsehoods right? Not really. As the time-lapse screen video above by Color Me Up! senior colorist Andreas Brueckl shows, those commercials get quite a bit of help in the software department as well. Read more…

external Top 10 Most Expensive Digital Cameras to Snap Shots With —Insider Monkey

For most, buying a camera means coupling great performance with a killer deal. But what if, for just a moment, you entertained the idea of deep pockets and glitz over practicality? Here’s a list of glam gadgets made for you.

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This Diptych Timelapse Points Out Some Similarities Between Paris and NYC

Freelance filmmaker Franck Matellini recently created a clever time-lapse that shows the similarities that defy the 3,363 miles separating Paris and New York City. Using diptych video and brilliant editing, Matellini ties the two towns together using the objects and architecture that define both destinations.

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10 of the Most Collectable Photo Books of All Time


Online book marketplace AbeBooks — probably the first link you’ll see if you try to search for a rare, signed or early edition of your favorite novel or photo book — has a list of the 10 most collectable photography books of all time. You can probably guess two or three of them, but do you think you know them all? Read more…