Striking Hyperlapse Captures Construction of the 100ft ‘Kelpies’ Sculptures in Scotland


Andy Scott‘s dramatic ‘Kelpies‘ sculptures near Falkirk, Scotland are only a week away from their official unveiling, which prompted Helix to unveil one of the most epic construction time-lapses we’ve ever seen to show the massive 100ft sculptures come to life. Read more…

external Impossibly Precise Thunderbird F-16s Look Like Mirror Image —Flickr

air force

U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Brandon Shapiro captures the amazing acrobatic skills of two Thunderbird F-16s at the Tampa Bay AirFest 2014 performing a phenomenal feat that seems as though you’re looking at a mirror image of one single plane.

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Photographer Steve McCurry Explains How to Pack Your Suitcase for an Assignment

We never thought we’d write that headline, but thanks to Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey you can now learn how to best pack your bags for an assignment from the one and only Steve McCurry — the iconic Nat Geo photographer behind the Afghan Girl photograph. Read more…

Rumor: Pentax’s 645z MF Camera Shoots 4K and Only Costs $8,500, Arrives Monday


If you’re just now considering getting into digital medium format photography, then you’ve picked a great time. CMOS sensors are making their way into just about every brand, 4K video is too, and now, it looks like the entry-level price bar might be dropping as well. Read more…

Photog Creates Unique Save-the-Dates by Mimicking Popular Movie Posters


What started as soon-to-be-wed couple’s idea to recreate a single movie poster quickly turned into a creative collection of awesome save-the-dates when Dave Dicicco and Rachael Batts employed the services of friend and Nashville-based wedding photographer Andres Martinez. Read more…

external Photojournalist Kerim Okten Killed In Turkey —NPPA

Acclaimed European Pressphoto Agency photojournalist Kerim Okten was on his way to the funeral of murdered photojournalist friend Anja Niedringhaus when a lightning strike caused him to fatally crash his motorcycle.

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Photographer Pokes Fun at Controversial Golf Digest Cover in Hilarious Fashion


If you’re into Golf, you might have heard about this controversy over the most recent cover of Golf Digest. Apparently, the magazine erred when it decided to put Paulina Gretzky (daughter of famed hockey player Wayne Gretzky and fiancé of pro golfer Dustin Johnson) on the cover instead of an actual… you know… golfer.

But rather than get caught up in all that, Orlando-based photographer Cy Cyr decided to spoof the cover instead. Read more…

external “A Trillion Trillion Terabytes”

— Eric Meola at The Luminous Landscape

What kind of digital world do we live in? One in which 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube per minute, translating to a terabyte every four minutes. One in which 500 terabytes of new data per day are ingested into Facebook databases. And speaking of Malaysia flight 370, one in which the sensors from a Boeing jet engine create 20 terabytes of data every hour. As Google CEO Eric Schmidt said several years ago, “Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003.”

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This Gorgeous Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Turns the City of Sydney Into a Tiny Oasis

Put together by Aussie photographer Filippo Rivetti for Expedia, ‘Tiny Sydney’ is an incredibly beautiful tilt-shift time-lapse captured around the New South Wales capital (not the Australian capital… that’s Canberra), Sydney. Read more…

external “Slide Digitizing – Super Low Tech” —Instructables

instructableHave some old slides that you’d like to convert to digital images? Here’s a nifty way to do it with a light box, some tin foil and a roll of toilet paper.

This isn’t the way to go if you’re going for extremely high quality scans, but it can do a basic job in a jiffy without hurting your wallet (assuming you already have a light box).

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