JIBO: The World’s First Family Robot That Can Double as Your Private Photographer

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Cynthia Breazeal envisions a world in which every family has its own personal robot helping out at home — one that can help out around the house, and even help take photographs when needed. To turn this idea into a reality, the MIT robotics professor has created a robot called JIBO.

The robot has already become a top 5 most funded campaign on Indiegogo after raising over $2.2 million from over 5,500 supporters.
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What an Auroral Substorm Looks Like in Real Time

The Aurora Borealis (AKA Northern Lights) often makes an appearance in time-lapse videos of the night sky, but have you ever seen what it looks like in real time? That’s what Korean astrophotographer Kwon O Chul was able to capture in the video above.
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Exposure Now Lets You Search for and Embed People’s Photo Stories


Photo narrative platform Exposure announced two very useful features today: search and embeds. And while the former has been expected — dare we say anticipated — the latter of the two is quite a surprise. Read more…

external Canon Reveals Details For Future Telephoto Lens Line —CNET

A new 400mm supertele is just the beginning. Canon also says it plans a replacement for its 100-400mm zoom and new compact models using diffractive optics.

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Catlike Creature Caught on Wildlife Camera Hitching Rides on Rhinos and Buffalo


So you think the Lion is the king of the jungle, eh? Well, the large-spotted genet, a catlike creature found in the wilds of Africa, might have reason to dispute that after a wildlife camera caught one of the little animals using buffalo and white rhinos as its own personal Uber service. Read more…

Phase One’s Capture One Pro 8 Update Takes Aim at Ex-Aperture Users, Adds Subscription Model

Capture One Pro 8, images by Kamil Tamiola

Phase One is making the most of Photokina by announcing a complete overhaul to its popular Capture One Pro software. Now on version 8.0, the updated program not only improves upon its former self, but also looks to squeeze in more of the market share by enticing ex-Aperture users who are looking for simple migration to a semi-familiar interface. Read more…

external Monaco’s Rare Vintage Photo Collection Dazzles Photography Pros —Examiner

It’s simply a vintage photography enthusiast and curator’s dream! Under the leadership of Prince Albert II of Monaco, curators will take inventory of the royal family’s private photo collection, which amasses to over 1 million images including original negatives. Ranking high in the world of vintage photography collections, the historic archives reveals an intimate side of the Princely family rarely captured in publicity shots.

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Puppies Jumping Into Swimming Pools Make for Unbelievably Cute Photos


If you haven’t smiled yet today, you’re about to. That’s because photographer Seth Casteel — the man behind the NY Times bestseller and viral sensation Underwater Dogs — is back with another installment of his series that promises to be even more adorable than the first.

How could this possibly be, you ask? Well, for this second iteration, Casteel taught 1,500 puppies how to swim, making the resulting photo book so squee-inducing you might just explode from all the cuteness. Read more…

Photo Throwdown Reality Show Pits Photog Against Photog in Fun Photo Challenges with a Twist


Last week we got an email from photographer Damian Battinelli that really piqued our interest. He told us that he and five of his friends had, in a moment of drunken brilliance in a Las Vegas casino, come up with a fantastic idea for a new online reality show that would pit photographer against photographer in a series of fun photo challenges with a twist.

Thus was born Photo Throwdown, a photography show that just aired the very entertaining and exciting ‘part one’ of its first episode today! Read more…

external 30 Awesome Pinterest Boards To Inspire Every Photographer —Resource Magazine

This collection of Pinterest boards is chock full of inspiration, DIY hacks and tips that is sure to get you out there to create your own masterpieces. You can also follow PetaPixel’s Pinterest boards here.

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