A Winter Not-So-Wonderland: Buffalo Man Unleashes His Drone Into a Massive Snow Storm

Jim Grimaldi lives in West Seneca, NY, a suburb of Buffalo that was hit hard by the massive snowstorm that has left many people trapped inside their homes surrounded by 5+ feet of snow. And while a blizzard might not seem like the ideal time to take your DJI Phantom drone out for a spin, that’s exactly what Grimaldi chose to do.

In the process he captured the 4K video above, which gives you an idea of the conditions in Buffalo from inside the storm on Tuesday, when snow was falling at about 4-inches per hour according to the Washington Post.

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external Jesse Frohman Speaks On His New Book “KURT COBAIN: The Last Session” —Life + Times

It wasn’t like he was prepped like most celebrities are today for their shoot with their hair and make-up teams and all of that, so the shoot was nice and raw like how a real intimate portrait ought to be.

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Engineering Photography Beautifully Reveals the Intersection of Science and Art


From images of graphene flowers and foam to a portrait of a self-taught engineer fixing one of his elephant pumps that is providing clean water for a village in Malawi, the winning images and other impressive entrants in the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering’s photography competition beautifully illustrate how art, science, and humanity mesh. Read more…

Fuji Unveils Two X-Series Macro Extension Tubes and a Serious Firmware Upgrade for the X-T1


Sony might be stealing the show with the announcement of the a7II today, but one other camera company released some gear today too. They’re a little Japanese outfit you might have heard of called Fujifilm, and today they unveiled two new X-Series macro extension tubes and the release date for the huge X-T1 firmware 3.0 update. Read more…

external Unlock Hidden Camera Settings On Your Motorola Device —Lifehacker

XDA developer GodofPsychos released an APK that unlocks advanced settings, giving you way more control of your Motorola stock camera. You can download the app here.

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Lammily Doll With Realistic Measurements Gets a Photoshop Makeover in Powerful Video

The folks at Lammily are sending a powerful message with their latest advertisement. In the sped up, minute-long video above, they transform their signature realistic doll into a taller, slimmer version that looks a lot more like the Barbies of old… before wiping it all away with a few strokes and a hard-hitting tagline. Read more…

Sony Announces the a7II: The World’s First Full-Frame Camera with 5-Axis Image Stabilization


It looks like rumor sites weren’t kidding when they said the Sony a7II would be announced “in the next few days.” In fact, they were being conservative.

Announced early this morning, Sony’s followup to the original full-frame E-Mount Alpha 7 (or a7) has officially arrived, and, as promised, it’s the world’s first full-frame camera to sport 5-axis image stabilization. Read more…

Mesmerizing 4K Time-Lapse of Earth Captured by a Weather Satellite 25,000 Miles Away

Every 30 minutes, the weather satellite Elektro-L captures a 121 megapixel image from geosynchronous orbit using both visible and infrared light. And it’s these images, captured between May 15th to May 19th, 2011, that James Tyrwhitt-Drake compiled into an incredibly beautiful, high-res time-lapses of the Blue Marble.
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external Beyond The Stereotyped South —NYTimes | LENS

She describes a sense of shame tied to the region’s history of racial inequality and association with religious fanaticism, which she prefers to confront rather than avoid. “The only way to get past that shame is to dive in and to face it,” she said.

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Deleted but Not Gone: How to Keep Your Photos and Files From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

We’ve published a number of posts in the past on how you can recover photos that were accidentally deleted from your computer or memory card. But what about when you delete a photo and expect it to actually be gone forever?

The ease with which deleted files can often be recovered means that you should be careful when selling or tossing hard drives or memory cards — your photos and files might end up falling into the wrong hands if someone decides to try data recovery.
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