Man Arrested and Strip Searched After Taking Pictures of NYPD Stop and Frisk Wins $125K in Court


More than two years after being arrested, injured and strip-searched after taking pictures of two NYPD police officers performing a stop and frisk, a Brooklyn man has been awarded a nice legal pay day to the tune of $125K.

According to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, Dick George was sitting in his parked car in June of 2012 when he saw two policemen in an unmarked car stop and frisk three young African American men. He proceeded to take pictures of and record the incident and, after it was over, went over to the young men and told them to ask for badge numbers in the future.

Unfortunately for George, the police officers heard his comment, and after following him in his car for a short while, pulled him over and proceeded, at least according to the court documents, to do everything a good police officer should not do.


George was allegedly forcefully pulled from his car (injuring his knee) and arrested, his cell phone was taken from him, he was strip-searched, and the two officers allegedly even discussed and attempted to fabricate charges against him, all the while saying things like:

Now we are going to give you what you deserve for meddling in our business, and when we finish with you, you can sue the City for $5,000,000 and get rich. We don’t care.

Those words were somewhat prophetic in the end. George did indeed sue the NYPD and he did indeed earn himself a large check. Sadly, when his phone was returned to him, he discovered that the two officers in question had erased all of the images and video he had captured of the initial interaction.

(via NY Daily News via Ars Technica)

Image credits: Ford Crown Victoria 1 by Cezary Piwowarski and stopfrisk_june17_DSC_1105 by Michael Fleshman

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    Google plus and/or dropbox auto-upload, baby.

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    Also: password protect your phone.

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    This is my retirement plan.
    I’m not proud.

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  • Joe P

    These stories are always based in the States. Why are the american police officials have such disgusting egos?

  • Evan

    America, a joke country really, land of the police state.

  • Ken Elliott

    Destruction of evidence is illegal. Bring the phone to a data recovery expert.

  • Kallai Iosif Gavril

    America the greatest country in the world. What a joke. And not even a good one.

  • Clayton Finley

    because anyone with a high school degree can be issued a gun and a badge

  • Rob S

    Dont kid yourself. I was one of a ton of people to get beaten with a billy club while celebrating New Years on the Champs-Élysées one year. My crime – not having to work on New Years apparently.

  • Stan B.

    Shoulda been a Whole Lot More…

  • Chang 场河

    Evidently most people still think so, or we wouldn’t have an immigration problem.

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    I don’t get why people don’t password protect their phones. Especially when they meddle with corrupt cops.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Mine resets itself if you enter a bad password enough times.

  • Vin Weathermon

    It’s popular to start with anti-American, defaming criticism about the US by people outside the US; the USA is a very big place. It is annoying to hear someone like “Evan” call America a joke….he is referring to only what he knows which oddly enough is what europeans complain about Americans and their “world knowledge”. Many states are like different countries really when it comes to social “norms”, government, and police. Our national ideal is freedom to have your religion, your race, your lifestyle….but like neighboring countries our states and cities have their own microcosms that are not “uniform”.

  • Joe Schramer

    deleted images and video can be recovered

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  • C. G.

    Not when in the possession of the IRS is my guess.

  • OtterMatt

    In Texas? I’m crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy.

  • C. G.

    Strange, right? Literally tens of millions of people all across the world would jump at a chance to live in the police that the US has become.

  • OtterMatt

    You know, it may just be my opinion, but a vast majority of people (us included) seem to have a skewed view of all this news that comes out. Sure, these are bad things, but the fact that they get reported on at all, much less prosecuted and settled in court, means that the system is working and overall abuse is SERIOUSLY down. Can you imagine living in a place where none of this EVER got reported or dealt with? If so, that’s called fascism. Compare that image to the country that actually exists, and maybe you’d see that there’s just no comparison. So—for all of our sakes—calm down, cop-haters. Please?

  • OtterMatt

    Humans are humans no matter where you go. There’s no need to get racist (culturalist? atlas-ist?) about it. Be glad that in this country things like this get reported on and prosecuted.

  • C. G.

    True. The system is working better and abuse is down. One reason being the ease of the public’s ability to document and disseminate evidence of abuse.

    The flip side being that law enforcement can justifiably and quickly be cleared of the usual accusations (accused far more than guilty) of whatever ______ism or ______phobia.

    Just my .02USD. Between the two of us we almost have enough for a bit of gum.

    Trust, but verify.

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    auto upload will do the trick

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    maybe mexicans and indians not most people.

  • Chang 场河

    They are the primary immigrants, to be sure. But I should add that the rest of the world depends on the United States as a guarantor of freedom. The reason you’re at is able to have the socialist well for system it does is because of an American guarantee of freedom from invasion. If our military bases there disappeared, everyone from the Danube to the Atlantic would be speaking Russian within 10 years.

    None of which truly addresses the fact that the incident described in this article is two years old, and rare, though it might appear more common because of the recent media coverage of riots in Missouri.

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    Sunt acri strugurii, Iosife?

  • Evan

    And your point has exactly what to do with my comment?

  • Evan

    I think “Evan’s” comment is regarding this incident and the many many many similar reported incidents that seem to emanate from the USA. The likes of which you don’t get in the UK, Australia, NZ etc. So in that regard, America is a joke.

  • Vin Weathermon

    Yes there are many things you don’t get. There are many things you have you wouldn’t if not for the people you despise.

  • Evan

    Who said I despise anyone? Critiquing a country doesn’t mean a person despises said country or it’s people. You’re an extra sensitive precious little thing aren’t you.

  • Kallai Iosif Gavril

    Guarantor a freedom? What a joke. Europe can defend just fine. You can’t beat just third world countries. Your economy is dead. You have more debt than all the other countries combined. The people are stupid. They think the Earth is 5000 years old. you even have a museum with dinosaurs a man living together(creation museum). What a stupid country.

  • Kallai Iosif Gavril

    Defapt sunt foarte buni in Germania. poate in Romania. Te-ai gasit si tu sa comentezi fara nici o legatura cu subbiectul.

  • Chang 场河

    Europe can defend just fine? Now that’s a joke.
    As for your other points, you have the typical parochial European view of America, and you think Kentucky is pretty much the same as Texas or California. While we all speak the same language, America contains multitudes of different cultures, and just because a few people in one place put up a creation museum doesn’t mean even a majority support it. It’s like judging all of Europe based on the Golden Dawn, or Front National.
    Silly Romanian. Just remember Reagan and Thatcher are the reason Nicolae Ceaușescu or his ilk don’t still rule ya’all.

  • Vin Weathermon

    My apologies I shoud rephrase and substitute “despise” for the more effete word “disdain”.

  • Kallai Iosif Gavril

    I can tell you Ceausescu was better than the so called democracy imported from stupid America. America calls himself the biggest democracy and still people are arrested because taking a picture. Not even in Ceausescus Romania that would be imposible. The majority of americans believe Christ will come back in his life. So that’s your America. They don’t know where is Budapest they think it’s the capital of Romania.
    you better go back to China.

  • Chang 场河

    It wouldn’t have been possible in his Romania because you would have been arrested for wanting a camera. This nostalgia for the era of Stalinism is a bit disturbing.

  • aaa

    The nostalgia for Reaganism is a bit disturbing. From the rest of your comments in this discussion it seems like you’re still living in the 1980s.

  • Chang 场河

    We will all be living in the 1980s redux, Berlin Wall and all, if dramatic changes don’t happen in European policy.