Flour, Fire and Feathers: An ‘Epic Shootout’ Between Rebecca Litchfield and Ben Von Wong

What do you do when you’re in Israel with Benjamin Von Wong, Rebecca Litchfield, Simon Pollock, Mike Kelly and Adam Lerner and Jared Polin, and you have some free time on your hands. Why, you think up and plan a crazy photography challenge of course!

At least that’s the route DIY Photography chose when they came up with the idea to match the photography skills of Ben Von Wong and Rebecca Litchfield against each other in a photo battle royale of sorts that involved a trifecta of photogenic F-words: Flour, Fire and Feathers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 4.57.49 PM

Each photographer was given the same room, same props and the same time constraints during which they were supposed to create something interesting and uniquely their own. And despite some model stealing and issues with ambient light, we have to say they came up with some pretty amazing final images.

To read up on the details of the challenge and see the final shots, head over to DIYP by following the link below. And once you have, be sure to drop a line in the comments section here to let us know who you think won each category!

An Epic Photography Shootout: Benjamin Von Wong vs. Rebecca Litchfield [DIY Photography]

  • Banan Tarr

    My favorite is the scene by Rebecca with the fire on the floor and the stone construction, etc. That one takes me to another place for a moment.

  • Sir Stewart Wallace

    Ohh… That’s a tough call. I lean toward Von Wong, for the most part, but the fire scene has me on the edge. Not sure who’s photo is hotter.

  • gtvone

    I lean towards Benjamin, but that’s because he made me carry his lights everywhere….

  • seorasx

    I think it should come down to who did the least post production. Ben ??

    Both excellent.

  • Chris

    You got Mike Kelley’s name wrong!