Video: Zack Arias Walks Through a Photo Shoot From Beginning to End

In the above behind the scenes, notable photographer Zack Arias takes us behind the scenes for a first-hand perspective of how a photo shoot goes down for him, from beginning to end.

Arias starts off the video where most of us would start off when getting ready for a shoot; with the gear. After giving a run-down of the gear – which does come across as quite a bit of name-dropping – and explaining why he chose what he did, he gives us some insight into the shoot itself, explaining the project so we have a better understanding of what it is he needs to capture.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 12.59.17 PM

The video unfolds from there, taking us through the shoot, almost as though we’re there. Once the shoot is complete and he’s packed up, Arias heads back to his lab to show us what post-processing will be done to the images, complete with the toolset and workflow he’s using.

It’s a thorough behind the scenes look at how a shoot of a photographer such as Arias goes down, from beginning to end. At just under 20 minutes, it’s not short, but it’s extremely insightful and well worth the watch.

You can head on over to Arias’s YouTube channel and website for more wonderful tutorials and tidbits. If you’d like to see the project that was being documented, you can check it out here.

(via SLR Lounge)

  • Rymzor

    haha, the z100s

  • C Schel

    This is bad on so many levels… this is not how a true professional portrait photographer works, or at least should work.

  • David Vaughn

    And yet….Zack is doing quite well for himself as a professional portrait photographer. Go figure! ;)

  • C Schel

    Well, is he? He is doing quite well at playing the part of a professional portrait photographer, but what he is really great at is selling himself as one. But I give the guy credit- selling yourself is just as important (or more) than skills.

  • bbear

    What a load of nonsense. What Zack is doing is “demystifying” the process of professional photography. It isn’t some complicated process. It is what it is.

    I don’t know what you consider the “professional” way to do it, but the way Zack does it looks to be entirely normal for many pros in the business. Please feel free to post your video of how you are supposed to do it though, would be an interesting comparison.

  • David Vaughn

    I don’t understand. He gets paid to take portraits of people. That’s what I would consider a professional. But…because he’s not doing it the way you think he should, he’s just playing the part?

    That’s some grade A logic right there.

  • Alexander Chiu

    This is a pretty decent video. Sony Z100S lolz. It gives a pretty good idea what a portrait shoot looks like. I’m a bit surprised at all the gear since I normally just bring a 2-3 speedlight setup with tiny light stands or tape and normally a 2 lens kit just in case I’m working in confined spaces. I applaud the use of the MF setup but personally, I can’t see myself lugging it around.