Photographer Uses Natural Light & Subdued Tones to Create Gorgeous, Atmospheric Portraits


Twenty-seven year old Alessio Albi captures incredible, emotionally charged portraits using nothing more than natural light and the environment around his home city of Perugia, Italy.

A nutritionist by profession, photographer by passion, Albi’s work often features female subjects, whose contemplative glares, combined with natural, but cinematic light create beautiful, but at times unsettling portraits.

Always one for experimentation in the world of photography, the one aspect that binds all of Albi’s work together is the use of nothing more than available light. Of course, oftentimes you’re left chasing that light, but he’d much rather do that than to be dragging around a plethora of lighting gear.


In an interview with Andrew S. Gibson, Albi says,

“I love natural light because it creates amazing shapes and volumes that I can’t obtain with artificial light […] I could spend an entire day waiting for that precise ray of light coming through my window and shoot hundreds of photos only with this light source, because I love the way it interacts with the human body. I also love cloudy days for my outside shooting, because clouds create the perfect light diffuser and add lot of atmosphere to pictures.”

Another notable quality of his images are the tones that seem to make up his color palette. Subdued, but rich tones give the portraits a cinematic quality without destroying the authenticity of his subjects and scenery.

Below are just a few of Albi’s images for you to browse through.
















To check out more of his work and keep up with the latest, you can follow Albi’s work on 500px, Facebook and Flickr.

(via Fstoppers)

Image credits: Photographs by Alessio Albi and used with permission

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    i thought your posts were on point, and concerned more with the sociological and cultural impact, than confronting the specific technique or composition.. then again, maybe that was another factor, that the dialogue wasn’t entirely photography specific, even though it focused on content

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