Lens Rentals Canada Suspends Service Due to Possible Theft While in Possession of Canada Post


Well, this is awkward. From the looks of it, Lens Rentals Canada is suspending services due to the theft of their equipment while in transit.

Details are scarce, but while it seems as though current reservations will still be sent out and returned, new reservations will not be accepted. Specifically, their website reads:

Due to serious issues with the Canada Post Corporation, we are currently not taking any new orders. We do not have an ETA as to when we will be accepting new orders […] Current reservations will be shipped via Purolator Courier. While Purolator is majority owned by Canada Post, it does not share any aspects of the delivery network such as depots or post offices. We have the utmost confidence in Purolator Courier.

Reddit user irich says they had received an email stating “We are currently halting all shipments with Canada Post as someone at the depot in Mississauga is stealing our boxes,” alluding to the fact that this may indeed be the action a rogue employee, rather than an issue with the Canada Post as a whole. However, no confirmation has solidified this bit of information.

Regardless, it’s impressive in the worst of ways that Lens Rentals needs to resort to such drastic measures. For my neighbors to the north looking to get your hands on some rental gear, we can only hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible.

(via Reddit)

  • T T

    This is so funny and sad. I had two cameras stolen at a Canada post depot, costing me over $900. I called their so called customer service, which is nothing more than a rent a call centre, and was basically told too bad nothing we can do. They admit that it was stolen out of their facility but say oh well. It is nothing more than a joke.

  • Dan Tauro

    I have rented from them great service. This is too bad. Perhaps insurance is called for.

  • Jason Yuen

    The problem is Canada Post doesn’t offer insurance for anything over $1000 CAD. There are limited options for insured shipping of high value items. I shipped a collector camera worth $10k CAD to Hong Kong and had to resort to a security company to ship it. In my case, shipping to Hong Kong only cost me shipping because there are no import duties in HK, but if I were to ship it back to Canada, it would have needed to be declared full value in order to be insured for that much. From there, it would have been held back by customs and taxed heavily.

  • Christopher McRae

    I wish borrow lenses would come up with a Canadian Rental distribution center.

  • Stephen S.

    That is a problem. Another aspect is that here in the United States, the branch of law enforcement responsible for things like mail theft (called the Postal Inspection Service) is no joke. Unlike street crimes like vandalism or larceny, mail crimes are treated uniformly seriously. I don’t know anything about Canada Post, but I would imagine Lens Rentals wouldn’t be resorting to this solution if the same level of enforcement occurred in Canada.

    I’ve used Lens Rentals a bunch of times. Easy process, fair prices, good service. I’ve been pleased and would continue to use them.

  • Kynikos

    Canada Post can’t police its own employees because the postal union would go… well, postal. The postal union is is probably Canada’s most powerful union, and if Canada Post were to put in measures to make sure employees didn’t steal stuff, it would be sued.

  • Trololo_lololo

    There is no way I would ship anything of value via canada post… I’ve had too many parcels disappear over the years. I’ll pay a few dollars more for ups or fedex.

  • T T

    I have to disagree. From all the research I have done since my stuff was stolen, the common thread are the subcontracted delivery drop off drivers. They are not in the union, they use their own vehicles to pick up and drop off packages to depots they collect from retail postal outlets. These guys get paid very little and the turn over is high. This is where the problem is and Canada post knows it.

  • hdc77494

    Sorry guy, a rogue individual delivery driver couldn’t steal so much this company had to shut down their entire business in Canada. That level of theft can only happen at a sorting center, usually where LensRental’s outgoing shipments first enter Canada Post.

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  • Kynikos

    I’m sure our union friend TT is arguing that one driver has been subcontracted to drive all over Canada, dropping off each lens…

  • Pete Woods

    Indeed, issues with Canada Post is a sore point for myself where I have had many issues with their service. The most serious being the theft of a DVD Box Set worth around $100cad. I know this theft was not of high value such as having a camera or lens stolen but was enough to teach me a valuable lesson, Canada Post cannot be trusted! Also it was interesting to find the theft mentioned in this news article and as my own the ‘Mississauga’ sorting station was at the center or the source of the theft. Thus given the pitiful insurance policy offered and lack of restitution for stolen property by CP I would refuse to ship anything of high value via ‘Canada’ Post. Where as items of low value I might be willing to roll the dice as they say.

  • Pete Woods

    “in the United States, the branch of law enforcement responsible for
    things like mail theft (called the Postal Inspection Service) is no
    joke. Unlike street crimes like vandalism or larceny, mail crimes are
    treated uniformly seriously.”

    For this reason alone I can say “I admire and have deep respect for the USPS”. Being Canadian with many cross border dealings I have faith there will be little issue with my shipments on you’re side of the border. However those feeling diminish when my packages cross over to my side where voodoo and crossed fingers rule …

  • kbb

    A friend of mine once called the local USPS to complain about a suspicious man loitering on the street, near his suburban L.A. mailbox.
    Within a short time, some very serious Postal Inspectors arrived. They are like the FBI in a bad mood, or the Railroad Police: You DO NOT want to mess with these guys .