iPhone Case Looks to Keep Away Prying Eyes, Eases Privacy Concerns

This is the iPatch, a cheekily-named iPhone case hoping to add an added layer of privacy to your mobile device(s). Currently seeking crowdfunding on HeadFunder, iPatch as an iPhone case with a built-in slider for the front and back cameras that allows you to manually cover them when not in use.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.16.07 AMWhy would anyone want that? Privacy and protection. The iPatch is meant to protect your privacy by covering your smartphone’s cameras in the event an attacker some how gains remote access to your device.

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 11.16.14 AMCurrently at just over $12k of their $19k goal, the iPatch seems to be doing extremely well. We could also see it being used as a way to protect your device’s lenses from getting scratched, but that’s just the photographer in us talking. If you’d like to pick one up, you can do so with a $20 pledge over on their crowdfunding campaign.

(via PopPhoto)

  • Melka

    A 2 minutes video and a crowfunding for a sliding piece of plastic ?

    Just put some tape.

  • OtterMatt

    The design doesn’t work on an iPhone 4, the case is chunky and ugly, it has a big-ass URL on the back (not even a logo, a fricking WEB ADDRESS?!), and it can be trumped by a small piece of electrical tape that already fits inside your current case if you’re THAT paranoid about people scanning the inside of your pocket.

  • Rob Elliott

    So if you are using a phone that is not super easy to remotely hack, unless you are careless, and if you are careless you likely don’t care enough to get this case. Thus if you want this case chances are you are dumb or don’t need it.

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  • Renato Murakami

    Made a video post about this in portuguese, but here, let me tell you: avoid all the hassle of crowdfunding campaigns and the extra bulk case, buy some cheap disposable round band aids. It’ll cover the camera, won’t mess up lenses while protecting them (just position the cotton square on top of lenses), and if you want you can buy the colorful ones with character designs and whatnot. Easy to put in and take out, basically weightless and should something happen it’s easy enough to replace. Sells everywhere.
    I use it for my phone, tablet, laptop, smart tv and Wii U controller.

  • Photoshop Guru

    Tape does work but has issues. Trust me I have used tape for a while ever since I learned how easy these hackers are making it for themselves. This product actually solves the tape issue. Have you ever put tape on your camera before on your phone? Its a pain in the ass because it blocks the phone censors. You constantly have to rip it on/off for phone calls causing the tape to fall off. Trust me its annoying as hell after a while. The other issue is with tape people think your some conspiracy tinfoil koolaid drinker. This case has swag to it which I think is what people want because people will be less likely to judge them. The other issue with tape is that sh*t falls off sometimes ! At least with a case like this you don’t have to worry.

  • Photoshop Guru

    How many third party apps does the average person have installed? Exactly. An article just came out from top security researchers that up to 600 million apple devices may have back doors. That means they have back door to the camera too. You act like this could never happen to you. LOL.

  • Photoshop Guru

    Iphone 4 is old. The video says that it will be for all cases if it is successful. Tape doesn’t do the trick good and also separators easily in your pocket, you must of never tried. I am paranoid about people scanning my financial info and my kids.

  • Photoshop Guru

    I love the idea! Great name too.

  • Rob Elliott

    really what researchers? where? It is one security guy and he is referring to a set of services that require a direct connection to the device to access that can not be accessed by apps in the app store. (unless they are enterprise apps which were installed by your company) None of the three services described touch the camera.

    Apple has since come out and talk about the three services which are part of iOS7 saying they are for Apple Care and enterprise diagnostics, (and though unsaid maybe the NSA you never know)

    As I said, the iPhone is not super easy to remotely hack, and unless you are careless there is little chance you will need such an item. And if you are careless you likely won’t buy it anyway. And if you Jailbreak and are dumb enough to not to vet the apps you install you are dumb, otherwise you don’t need it.

    As such… “if you want this case chances are you are dumb or don’t need it”

  • semi

    Does this case come with a tinfoil hat too? :) I see value in protecting the lenses from dust, dirt, and scratches, but the “security concerns” are completely overblown.

  • OtterMatt

    Paranoid doesn’t even begin to cover it. If you’re worried about someone looking through your camera (after they’ve apparently snuck up, got it out of your pocket, and tethered the phone to their laptop, apparently, since these vulnerabilities aren’t even accessible remotely), then you’re not that bright.

    Besides that, this is an awkward and ugly half-solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist. If you’re that worried, maybe you should just learn how to secure your phone instead of putting cardboard over the cameras.

  • pr0digy

    What hackers are you talking about? iOS keeps all of the apps sandboxed, they have very limited access to the phone and most certainly cannot control your camera unless they are launched and active. Of course, you would have to launch an app manually, because it most certainly cannot launch itself.

    This whole project is for people with paranoia born from ignorance.

  • iPatchCase

    Hi OtterMatt –
    Thanks for your input. This is a working prototype. That’s why there is the large URL and the case is two pieces. The production model will be more sleek and will likely be one piece.
    Our case is designed not just for the privacy conscious, but for photographers – it’s a great way to prevent scratches on your camera.

  • iPatchCase

    Hi Rob,
    Our case is designed not just for the privacy conscious, but for photographers – it’s a great way to prevent scratches on your camera.

  • iPatchCase

    Hi Melka,
    Thanks for your input. We made the video for our crowdfunding campaign. Most campaigns have 1-3 minute videos to explain why there’s a need and how the idea came about. Our case is designed not just for the privacy conscious, but for photographers – it’s a great way to prevent scratches on your camera. Thank you for reading!

  • iPatchCase

    Hi Semi, Thank you for your input and for seeing the benefits to having a lens cap on the phone – we will be sure to highlight that angle more as we market the final product. Appreciate the comment.

  • iPatchCase

    Hey Renato,
    Thanks for your thoughts. We think that most people will need a case for their phone anyway, and the final production model of our case will be a sleek rubber case with great protection in addition to our lens cap to protect your camera from scratches. We are going to offer it for a very reasonable price and will make it at the highest quality possible, so the value will be there in the look and feel of a great case.
    Appreciate your input!

  • iPatchCase

    Hi pr0digy,
    Thanks for your input. Our case is designed not just for the privacy conscious, but for photographers – it’s a great way to prevent scratches on your camera. Will highlight that more as we market the final production model. Appreciate your thoughts.

  • pr0digy

    Ok, that’s fine, but you position it mostly as a security solution and that raises many questions about your intents.

    Also, your video is very misleading, you make examples of laptops and cell phones being hacked, but not once do you mention such security flaws with iPhone. Your product is designed solely for iPhone… I perceive it as dishonesty.

  • iPatchCase

    Thanks pr0digy. Your feedback on our video and marketing is noted and we will take that into consideration as we move to market the final design.
    Really appreciate the honesty and input.

  • Johna Hills