Video: Capture Slo-Mo Footage on the Cheap with the Casio EX-F1

Who said you have to drop big bucks to have some high-speed fun? Well, it definitely wasn’t Joey Shanks, who recently decided to show the Phantom users out there that they’re not the only ones who can do it.

To do this, Shanks rented a Casio EX-F1 high speed camera for a week. Costing him only $100, he combined its high frame-rate with a healthy dose of water and gunpowder to create some interesting high-speed footage with minimal investment.

Shanks is well aware the Casio EX-F1 is by no means a production-level camera, but able to capture at up to 1200fps, albeit at a ridiculously small resolution, it’s a great cheap alternative to a Phantom if you’re just looking to have some backyard fun or, say, set up a slow motion photo booth at your next party.


The full video is three-and-a-half minutes long and, packed full of explosions as it is, it’s definitely a good afternoon watch.

It should go without saying that this sort of thing should not be done at home. Shank risked his own fingers for this footage, so enjoy it through the screen… the last thing you’d want to do is lose your shutter finger.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Paul-Simon

    This camera is quite old.
    I bought one back in 2008, and it was actually my first “serious” camera.
    It was a decent camera for photography too, at the time.

    The high speed mode remains largely without competition within its price class, even today.

  • walter ver

    Try the Nikon 1 series, 1200 FPS also. Fuji had the HS10/HS20 with same highspeed capabilities as well.

  • Renato Murakami

    Wow… I remember hunting this camera like a madman years ago. But it was like 5+ years ago if I’m not mistaken. Couldn’t find it anywhere in Brazil.

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  • Kyle Clements

    Another vote for the Nikon 1. I grabbed one of those refurb j1’s a while back for $150 shipped. There are severe limitations on the high-speed video, low resolution, limited to only 4s of realtime (about a minute when played back at 24fps) and there is no way to remotely trigger the recording… But it is still fun to just mess around with in the backyard on a lazy day.

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