Google Now Passive-Aggressively Calls Out Flash Websites & Portfolios in Search Results


Just a few years ago, Flash websites were all the rage. Now, Flash is a dying technology due to its inefficiency across the board. But, despite being less relevant than ever and incompatible amongst a plethora of devices and platforms, some photographers still insist on having a flash website to show off their work.

Thus, in an effort to ensure that the use of outdated technologies is diminished, Google is now passive-aggressively calling out Flash websites before visitors even click on the link.

The search giant is using their usual set of algorithms to now determine whether or not a website is supported by your device. If it is, your search results will be displayed as normal. If not, you will see the text, as shown in the example, above.

The reasoning for this is multi-faceted, so I won’t go into the nitty-gritty details. But overall, it’s good news for those who often come across pages that end up blank or rendering awkwardly due to the use of outdated web technologies.

(via Google Webmaster Blog)

  • dannybuoy

    A death knell then

  • Don

    I’m not sad to see Flash go. I dislike having to even install it on my PC, because it is such a security danger and crashes the browser. But most importantly, the Flash experience on artistic web pages is often frustrating and annoying. I remember one site had all his pictures on a carousel, and it would spin too fast, and if you saw something you wanted to really see, you’d have to stop the carousel and it would overshoot and you’d back up and overshoot the other way. Programmers are terrible at designing user interfaces, but so are artists. They should realize to just keep it simple.


    So much for not being an evil. Google is the worst nightmare of humanity.

  • OtterMatt

    Gee, hyperbole much? Grow up.


    Call you mother, douche, and direct your moronic insults at her. leave innocent people alone.

  • OtterMatt

    Wow, I just can’t stop laughing now. You’re adorable. Have you looked up what “hyperbole” means yet, or do you still actually equate Google with Stalin?

  • Bello Russo

    Your questionable communication skills have nothing to do with simple words you for some reason assume nobody else might understand. Laughing, adorable, Stalin? What? C’mon, bring a stray old cat home and talk to it. Stop annoying people on internet with unnecessary conversations.

  • Chang

    Talking with you is the conversational equivalent of an out-of-body experience. – Susie Derkins

  • OtterMatt

    It’s like when people used to put bears on hot plates to make them dance. Weird, disturbing, just plain wrong—but oddly amusing.

  • bob cooley

    I fail to see how this is passive aggressive. It’s merely stating the fact that the sight might not work due to flash (which is helpful to know if you are on an iOS device or some other mobile devices) – it also gives you the option to ignore the warning- I’d call this best practices, not passive aggressive.

  • Matias Gonua

    It is passive aggressive if you dig a bit into what are Google’s interest with flash going away fast.

  • pgb0517

    The sooner Flash dies, the better. Boo on developers who still insist on it. I use Flash blockers in my browsers anyway. And Web surfing on an iPhone is about as much fun as having a wisdom tooth removed regardless of Flash.

  • bob cooley

    That doesn’t make it passive aggressive. There is no indirect expression of hostility – that’s the definition of a passive aggressive.

    Besides -It’s in everybody’s best interest that Flash goes away. It was once a groundbreaking technology – now it’s a slow, memory-hogging, relic. I developed in flash for about 10 years; but its time is over.

  • aaronchuck

    I just looked through your entire comments thread on many other topics and save about one or two, you have a serious problem with negativity and hyperbole. Relax dude.

    Also, flash sucks.

  • EncapturedPerfection

    Ignorance is what is killing flash. Terrible developers creating sucky flash sites breeds hatred towards what is a great OO platform powerful enough to cater to designers, developers and new users. Flash pro / Flex can and is being used for rapid development of enterprise solutions. It is used to deliver your mini games on facebook. Also, as publishing/authoring tool for your apps on your mobile devices.

    A few years back, while ignoramuses were upset about flash websites, no one realizes that their youtube channels uses flash to play their videos.

    Editors from online magazines help kill this platform. All popular opinion, no understanding of programming language. Its similar to how Bluray killed HD DVD, simply because Warner Bros decided not to use HD DVD anymore.

    Funny, how HTML5 and CSS is now being bred to do what flash was doing. Animate this, drop shadow that, timeline this, visible/invisible that. If you hated the interactivity of flash before, you are going to be surprised to see HTML5 developers implementing it now in their code. Whats worse, they are not designers. So everyone is templating everything using wordpress. Uniqueness is going to go the way of the dodo, and wordpress is slower than flash ever was sometimes.

    I deal with a couple developers working for me who also hate flash. Just yesterday we were stuck on choosing a video player that allows for accessibility, that does not become a keyboard trap. They don’t want to implement a flash player, because its famous for being a keyboard trap. Completely not realizing the irony that the HTML5 players we are discarding from our selection were all keyboard traps.

    I am sorry to see that at one point of time you can have a GOOD flash developer and designer create your website, complete with their assets, and then pump it out to your mobile device.

    These days, you hire an HTML guy for the bones of your site, you hire a graphic designer for the assets, and then hope that you won’t have to hire an Xcode guy who can then pump it out as an app to your mobile device.

  • Heie

    Is the slideshow on Zenfolio flash based?

  • l0k

    even if you dig (and you don’t have to dig far), it’s still not in any way passive aggressive. It’s more like an ulterior motive.

  • Matias Gonua

    that’s why I said “dig a bit”