Human Clock Crowdsources Photos for Each Minute of the Day for Creative Timekeeping


Crowdsourcing can lead to some incredible creations. One such creation is an interesting little website called the Human Clock. It’s an online clock that’s created with photographs from people all over the world. The website asks people to write down the current time or find it in a creative manner, snap a photograph, and then send it in.

Once added to the archive, the image will now be just one of the many images displayed for that particular minute. Upon visiting the site, you’ll be presented with your current time using one of the crowdsourced photographs. As expected, with each changing minute, the page refreshes and a new photo is shown.

Here are some examples of creative time representations found on the site:







You can also browse a handful of other photographs representing each minute as that minute is passing by.

In addition to the static, photograph-based version, the founder has also created a video version based on the same idea.

Human Clock may not be the most convenient of clocks, but it’s certainly one of the more entertaining (and photo-related) methods of keeping track of the time.

Human Clock and Human Clock TV (via Laughing Squid)

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