Rumor: Fuji X100S Successor Will Arrive at Photokina with Better AF and 24MP Sensor


The closer we get to Photokina the more excited we’re becoming. Canon will supposedly unveil the 7D Mark II (among other things), Sigma supposedly has several lenses up its sleeve, we might see the next ZEISS Otus lens, and now, we’re also hearing talk of a Fuji X100S successor making an appearance with some significant upgrades.

According to Fuji Rumors — who pulled together the rumored specs and info from its own sources as well as what other rumor sites are reporting — the camera will either be called the X100T or X200 and sport faster AF than its predecessor, an improved EVF, a 24MP X-Trans sensor (the X100S only boasts 16MP), a tilting screen and a wider phase detection area.

Of course, we’re far less likely to trust a Fuji rumor ever since the company itself leaked what seem to be false rumors of a minor X-T1 upgrade, but all of this tracks fairly well with what we’d expect from a followup to the much-loved X100S.

While we wait to find out for sure, drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you’d like Fuji to include in the X200/X100T.

(via Fuji Rumors)

  • david

    Canon. Not Cannon

  • Nicholas Erwin

    I just bought a used X100 and I’m happy with it. Anyone else have a X100 and going to continue to use it even though a X200 is probably coming out?

  • Peter Kasbergen

    Yes! Love my X100 to death! Got myself an X-Pro1 a while ago, but still very much in love with the little bugger. :)

  • DLCade

    Thanks for pointing that out David! Went ahead and fixed it : )

  • m4tt_thomas

    I have literally just bought an x100s *facepalm*

  • Waleed Alzuhair

    My X100 went back in the box, the slow AF made me loose more opportunities than I can afford, even after the firmware update. I’m back to carrying my DSLR+40mm f/2.8

  • Leonardo Abreu


  • Nicholas Erwin

    Have you tried the new firmware? I don’t have any issues with focusing..focuses just as fast or faster than my DSLR.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Wasn’t the X100s released last year?

  • lexplex

    Glad it’s not just me that suffers from this malady.

  • Neato!

    NO MORE PIXELS FFS. If I wanted high rez mega pickles I’d buy a medium format or shoot film.

  • OllieOh

    I’m holding on to my X100S until this puppy goes full frame.

  • Carlini Fotograf

    Seems like quite an extreme to go from an X100S back to a dslr. Why didn’t you try the X-pro1 or XT1? With the new firmware upgrades, X-pro1 has much faster auto focus and XT1 has had fast auto focus right out of the box, plus the evf is nothing short of amazing.

  • onlyfabrizio

    I hope that it will have a weather-resistant body like the xt1

  • Steve Pellegrino

    I’m with you. I too bought a used X100 about 6 months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Just today I received the TCL-X100 Tele Conversion lens for it, so I’m not giving up this system anytime soon.

  • Nicholas Erwin

    Glad I’m not the only one! haha.

  • androostain

    Yeah mate, me too….god i love it though

  • Pete

    I guess that makes 4 of us :P

  • Patrick Downs

    I’ll give you $500 for it! ;)

  • BorninthePAA

    I don’t think that’s extreme at all. I keep wanting to get an X100S, but the two times I’ve handled one, I think, Wow, this is nearly the same size as my D5200 and prime. Not only is it not pocketable, it’s fricking huge! =) Now, I happily use an rX100, which has lower IQ, but has IS for night shots that actually turn out. Plus, unlike the DSLR and the X100S, it really fits in my pocket.

  • margaretjkoester

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  • Odette Cavill

    a fast zoom lens would be good

  • ChrisQuijote

    I have an x100s and after a lifetime of DSLR and medium format photography – I am finding it a pleasure to use. I will not rush to upgrade so long as it keeps working. Enjoy your X100 for a long time to come :-)

  • Scott Stawarz

    I’m in the market to buy an X100S. I’ve had my eye on it for a trip I’m taking in October. The question I wonder is, Will the photokina one be ready to buy immediately? Anyone know from past fuji announcements?

  • Hans

    Won’t be able to buy one straightaway as most camera stores will be taking pre-orders after the initial announcement. Plus, I’d recommend not buying the first units that come out as there could be bugs that will be fixed in the next batch.

    My advice is wait until the X100T is announced, then buy the X100S at a much lower price as people rush to ‘upgrade’.

  • Moose Borrowdale

    I am forever irritated that the kit I buy is soon ‘out of date’. I want to have the latest. However, I am on a budget like most of us and know this is not possible. So I just repress my emotions and live with what I have until I can afford something new. BUT, somehow my X100s just seems to feel like I will keep it forever and be happy with it. It has it’s quirks, but it gives it character. And I’m not really too bothered that there will be a replacement shortly, I will love it anyway. This isn’t a pocketable camera, unless you have big pockets, I have a Canon S110 that fits nicely in my jeans pocket, this is a camera I carry in my hand or Crumpler bag. I see the X100s as a modern classic and will leave to one of my kids. If I was considering buying an X110s now, I would do so. I think.

  • Andy

    deffo a higher res screen is a must, absolute must. interchangeable lenses too i think would be awesome upgrade, faster af and eve to match/better the xt-1

  • Keith Pitts

    I want a usable distance/focus scale on the lens so I can zone focus without having to put it to my eye or look at a screen. It would be better for street photography that way.

  • Etani Kalid

    agree 100%