DIY: Upcycle an Old Book Into a Neat Photo Album in a Few Easy Steps


Much as it pains me to encourage anyone to destroy a book, if you have a second copy of something or an old book you know you’ll never flip through again, this neat little Photo Album DIY from Photojojo is worth putting on your crafts to-do list.

The basic idea is to ‘upcycle’ the book into a photo album by cutting out windows in select pages, taping those pages to the next page on three sides using double-sided tape, and then sliding your prints of choice into the newly-created slots.


And if you want to take the idea further, or make it more child friendly, Photojojo suggests taking a children’s book, cutting out pieces like windows or doors, and inserting pictures there.

The main DIY will get you an interesting book/photo album that would look great on a coffee table while the second idea makes for an imaginative way to insert yourself or your children into their favorite storybooks.


For a full step-by-step breakdown of this crafts project with pictures and a detailed list of supplies, head over to the original tutorial by following the link below.

How To Upcycle Any Book Into A Photo Album [Photojojo]

  • Jim Johnson

    No, no, no. Please do not destroy a book by crappily pasting in your terrible instagram prints. They make whole programs for creating your narcissistic scrapbook. There are companies everywhere that allow you to create a photo album to display your photos with respect and dignity rather than looking like an accident created by a small child.

    For Pete’s sake, donate that book to a literacy program or start a Little Free Library, or something.

  • Jim Johnson

    P.S. Who needs “a full step-by-step breakdown” for gluing photos in a book?

  • OtterMatt

    This seems like a good way to have decent photos (assuming you have any) get completely obscured or marginalized by their presentation method. I wouldn’t advise anyone to put photos in a place where there’s an inherent distraction from the images themselves.

  • Burnin Biomass

    It’s one thing if you can take images to fit the scenes, and work them into the story in a picture book. That could be interesting. Although the thickness of the book with the original pages AND the photos could be an issue.

    Just slapping images into Black Beauty seems random.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Or pictures of dog excrement on Pride and Prejudice.