Craigslist Ad Seeks Digital Artist to Make it Look Like Abusive Boyfriend is Cheating


This is, bar none, the strangest Craigslist ad we have ever seen. In the past, the few ads we’ve shared typically involve people trying to hire photographers to work for free, but this is completely different.

Posted by a concerned family, they would like to hire a professional digital artist who can make it look like one of their relatives’ boyfriends is cheating. In other words, they would like you to insert this guy’s face into several pictures with another girl and make it look 100% believable.

The ad was posted to the Louisville, KY Craigslist 20 days ago, but it’s still live so we assume they haven’t found anybody good yet. Here’s how the poster describes the issue:

We’re trying to get one of our family members out of an abusive relationship. She won’t leave this guy for some reason, but in the end we’ve found out through talking to her and close friends that she’ll choose to leave him if he were to be caught with another girl. So oddly enough she won’t leave him because he’s abusive but he will leave him if he cheats on her. So the family has decided to try to find the perfect digital artist who could develop several photos using his face.


You can read the full post by clicking here. We’ve also uploaded a full-res screenshot in case the post goes down, which you can see by clicking on the photo above.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Chris!

  • Clayton Finley

    YES! I’ve been worried about the lack of craigslist articles on this site, good to know PP will never fail me!

  • Chang He

    I was so worried about the lack of cheap snark commentary on this site, good to know Clayton Finley will never fail me!

    I’ve got TONS of cheap jokes about “click-bait”, vaguely condescending commentary about the difference between drones and a quadcopter with a Go-Pro attached, and time-lapse hate to share.

    Maybe I can come hang out and we can snark together! How can I contact you to make this happen?

  • Jason Yuen

    Wrong on so many levels. This is a form of slander and the “abusive” boyfriend can take legal action against that. The person who takes part in this risks getting a criminal record for themselves for a little bit of money. A much smarter ad would have been to hire a photographer or investigator to find out what kind of abuse is taking place. From there, you could even get the guy arrested. Whose business is it to sabotage another’s relationship?

  • Julien

    The worse part is that there is no way of knowing if the boyfriend really is abusive. Maybe the person posting on craigslist is just a jealous dude who wants to ruin his friend’s relationship and then go “save” the girl.

  • Valerie

    I don’t think he could win any slander suits because he’s not identified but it does sound more like someone else who’s jealous and wants the girl. If she’s truly in a abusive relationship, I see this doing more harm to her than good when she confronts him.

  • radishfever

    That was genius!

  • Clayton Finley

    simple! email me at clay@yoloandswag dot com

  • OtterMatt

    He absolutely could if he ever sees the photos in question, or even knows that they exist and were used in this way, because I doubt he’d have any trouble in court demonstrating that the altered photos were knowingly used to create “real harm” to him.

  • OtterMatt

    I have absolutely no idea what to think, other than the family is really sinking here. This isn’t even a decent alternative, it’s just low. Just get the guy arrested or something. And if the girl won’t roll on him on any charges, well… she’ll break eventually, I suppose. Can’t help those who don’t want help.

  • OtterMatt

    Wait, wait, I take it back. Someone please respond to this ad, get the photos of the guy, upload to 4chan, and BOOM; instant results and a new meme to boot. I think that’s about all the dignity this request deserves.

  • semi

    “Slander” means verbal defamation, so it’s the wrong term for photos. Also, defamation is a civil matter, not criminal.

  • Kynikos

    1. Use false e-mail address. Get the contract. Explain that because of the sensitive nature of the assignment, you can never meet in person.
    2. Get a deposit by Western Union.
    3. Send through a non-incriminating sample.
    4. Get more money.
    5. Tell scumbag family you need name/location of boyfriend to take secret shots with matching backgrounds for photo manipulation.
    6. Blackmail family for all they’re worth, threatening to expose them.
    7. Donate all proceeds to charity of your choice.

  • Kynicks

    I think you’re more manipulative and deceitful then the writer of the ad

  • Kynikos

    Thanks very much!

  • Rhet

    I guess the question is, why aren’t you doing this? ;)

  • Will

    This is nonnamybusiness but I think it would be easier to just pay an asian girl to approach the guy at any random place – park, coffee shop, etc., and start talking to him while the family takes the pictures. Even if he doesn’t respond to the girl, the family can still make it look like the two were together.

  • Doc Pixel

    This is definitely a job for the Photoshoptroll(dot)com! :)

  • joshsouzaphotos

    You really planned this all out! lol

  • Kynicks

    Wouldn’t be proud of that, but I guess that’s your style.. Karma i guess

  • CRM

    I don’t think the family realizes that someone who does this professionally could be fired from their job. Of course there’s a lot of photoshop people who do Manips for fun but still, this is really unethical and just awful.

  • Kynicks

    so is hitting a woman. who’s to say one is better than the other? What extreme would you go to save your mom or sister from being beat to death?

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    there’s zero evidence that this guy hit anyone, ever, just a claim being made by someone looking for fake pics to help them sell a lie about the guy. use your brain.

  • Pete

    This exactly, and also that two wrongs don’t make a right. Manipulating photos to misrepresent someone is ethically dubious at best and possibly illegal at worst. If he’s abusing his girlfriend that’s horrible, but there has to be better ways to deal with this than lying to her. I can imagine this backfiring and the girlfriend distrusting future family help.

  • Felipe_Paredes

    hahahaha brilliant!

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  • Lanna

    This is just so sad…

  • kynicks

    Actually if you email the post which I did, the person gives you the police reports (they have 3) pictures they’ve taken, and a video the family took of her while she was bruised up. As well as a lawyer’s note. So before you go off saying it’s a lie you should’ve done your research.

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    riiiiight, because photos of official looking documents couldn’t possibly be faked, especially by honest people like this.

  • gregorymbehrens

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