BBC Opens Up Internal Visual Journalism Training Resources to the Public


Last week, the BBC College of Journalism opened up their training website to the public. Full of educational resources created by and for the internal BBC team, these professional videos and guides run through a number of circumstances and suggestions for approaching visual journalism.

Set to be open for a 12 month trial run, the videos and podcasts cover topics that range from safety when harmed in the field, to iPhone photojournalism, to basic three-point lighting techniques and even videos that show you how to properly use satellite phones when capturing stories in unconventional areas.

Below is a brief collection of just some of what BBC Academy is offering:

If you’d like to see the entire archive of these videos, you can head on over to the BBC Academy website now and browse through them.

(via News Shooter)

  • Kynikos

    Nice PR move.

    The bit where they teach their staff to commit horrible crimes against society’s youngest and most vulnerable is, unsurprisingly, absent.

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  • Alexander Petricca

    Are you seriously suggesting that the BBC encourages it’s staff to paedophiles?