Video: Pentax’s Medium Format 645Z Gets Covered in Sand and Run Under a Shower

The video-capable medium format Pentax 645z boasts 76 weather seals that make it cold-resistant, dustproof and weather-resistant… but just how “dustproof” and “weather-resistant” are we talking here?

The website Quesabesde decided to find out, and so they took their review unit to the beach and filmed as they plunked it unceremoniously in the sand, covered it in the troublesome stuff, and then rinsed it clean under one of the beach showers there.



They, of course, don’t recommend you do this at home, but at least now you know that the Pentax 645z can handle a heavy rain or a sandy day at the beach with impunity. Rain cover? The 645z laughs at your rain cover and keeps on shooting.

  • DrwMD

    I’d like to see long term effects of the sand and water as its given time to actually penetrate the unit.

  • Sum_it

    It…its..its almost as if the 645z is weather sealed.

  • Chive Awesomeness

    I can base this off the K-7
    Sand and dust: zero penetration with WR lenses.

    Water: moisture made it past some of the seals with the WR lens and lightly fogged the inside of LCD displays when exposed to the rain/damp/humidity directly for about 10 hours. (I was in venice italy, and didn’t my gear get dry until the next day)

    Pentax is my go-to camera for anything involving color runs, Sea World, or rain.

  • Tong Gorokh

    do some dirt car racing shooting and then we talk

  • Oj0

    The sand particles are huge, I’m not surprised they didn’t enter the camera. Try doing it with a much finer sand; if it survives I’ll be truly impressed.

  • Andrew Iverson

    What, no color run demo? ;)

  • Alan Klughammer

    To all the naysayers, this is one of the least expensive MEDIUM FORMAT cameras. Very impressive,
    and I still want one…

  • Daniel West

    Why on earth would you even want to throw your camera in sand and wash it afterwards…

  • Zos Xavius

    Because you can! duh!

  • tomnewtn

    There have been military photogs burying k5s in the fine sands over in Afghanistan, and rinsing them in the shower with no issues. The coarse sand is always accompanied by finer particulates. I think the Pentax build is one hell of a bang for the buck, and that’s one important point to consider.

  • tomnewtn

    Not long ago I was out in one hell of a rain storm in the PNW shooting the K5IIs with DA*60-250. No issues to report just cool shots.

  • enyceckk

    Damn, at least put a filter on it. 8.5k just for the body ouch.

  • Matt King

    I’d say MOST cameras can deal with that… (metal bodies mostly)

  • Daniel West

    Exactly! Haha!

  • Larry Guckert

    I own a k5 and have shoot many of color runs and never had a problem just rinse and go Pentax makes an amazing camera

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  • Rob S

    I dragged my Pentax K200D across Afghanistan for a year and cleaned the sensor twice. Trust me, I made no effort to baby my Pentax when I had other priorities. Oh and before getting to Afghanistan, I dragged it through a swamp in Louisiana without issue. I routinely watch Canikon shooters run for cover when sudden rain happens while my K-5 laughs it off. If you are going to shoot in crappy conditions, shoot Pentax.

  • Alan Klughammer

    Try it…

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  • DStudio

    The K-5 IIs and the DA*60-250 is the perfect combination too, since the DA* lenses have the best weather sealing, and the IF design minimizes the opportunity for the elements to get sucked into the lens during focusing or zooming.

  • Pete

    Right, cos I supposed you missed all the fine dust particles sticking to the body as the coarser grain sand rolled off. Go out and play with some sand. You’ll find it’s much finer than you think.

  • Oj0

    They’re not very fine. I’ve lived at the coast all my life, I’m very much familiar with beach sand. When I say fine dust I mean the type that lingers in the air. Do a Google image search for “dust storm” – that type of sand is fairly common on dirt roads.

  • Matt King

    I came close enough. Busted my rear on a natural solid flat stone floor on a hike that was partially underwater and banged the lens and had the camera set in the water for a few seconds. Works like a charm!