UK Website Leaks First Impression Review of Nikon D810 Hours Ahead of Schedule


In a move some will inevitably say was planned by Nikon, but which certainly looks a lot more like a mistake from our end, UK tech website Expertreviews has published (and quickly removed) their entire Nikon D810 review ahead of the official announcement, which is expected late tonight.

According to Nikon Rumors, the accidentally published review was, of course, pulled offline quickly; however, the cached version is still available at this link for you to read in full.


By the looks of it, the D810 is exactly what the rumor sites predicted. Image quality has been improved thanks to an all-new 36.3 megapixel sensor, sRAW capability has been added, the autofocus has been improved to match the D4s, and the processing engine has been upgraded to the Expeed 4 leading to improvements in overall speed (it can shoot 5fps at full res now, and 7fps in DX crop mode). 50/60p video has been added as well, but no 4K… sorry folks.

We’ll cover the full announcement whenever it actually does drop later tonight, but if you’d like to read Expertreviews’ first impressions and be a few hours ahead of everyone else, you can do so here. We won’t judge.

(via Nikon Rumors)

  • gabriel.s

    David doesn’t know his math. 0x for focal length multiplier?

  • Patrick Downs

    Sounds great—need money! I love my D800.

  • Oscar

    Everyone salivating for this new toy that replaces the “old camera” that you dont even control yet.
    Shame on the industry. Make us a big favour and develop a good camera, no updates each month.

  • FerpectShotz

    yup it doesn’t have a sensor :)

  • Zos Xavius

    What’s wrong with incremental upgrades? You don’t have to buy every new camera that a manufacturer makes you know. I have an old K-7 in my stable that still sees regular use because its a workhorse that gives pretty decent IQ in many situations. Its not the latest and greatest, but it definitely gets the job done and saves wear and tear from better cameras when all I need is a b-camera with a zoom. I wouldn’t blame the industry so much. Product cycles in many industries are now insanely short. Blame the consumers that run out and buy new cameras every year that keep driving this short cycle. Lets look at the opposite side of the coin. How long has the Canon 7D been in production now without a successor? Is this the better way where people wait 5 years for a new camera? Innovation and competition are only good things for both the industry and consumers in the long run.

  • Burnin Biomass

    Innovation also leaves a trail of very nice used cameras, for reasonable prices, in the market.

  • KristinaMessilyv

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  • Dover

    I am shooting a 9 year old Nikon D200 and regularly publishing the images. Upgrade at your own pace.

  • Don Tusk

    You should have money if you own D800. D800 is for working professionals.

  • Zos Xavius

    Indeed. I pretty much buy all my bodies refurbished or used now. You should be spending money on lenses over bodies anyways.

  • Oscar

    The main reason of my comment is about nature, and his limit on resources.
    There is no reason at all for producing each day a new camera, “better than the previous??”. You know perfectly that industry knows how to develop a good camera, with 4k, with durability in his shutter mechanism and the rest of the body, with good sensor and noise performance, you know very well that the industry likes to give us episodes, with that planning, they will make 4 times the money they would win if the camera was just the one and perfect. Instead of that, you keep waiting for the best camera that will never arrive, and we continue to explote nature and his resources, grabbing each camera with programmed obsolescence that the industry gives us.

  • Ed Gregory

    Its Now official and it looks great. Not huge upgrade so if you have a D800 you may bot buy. But this is an awesome camera. I have the D800 and love it.

  • Ed Gregory

    What an odd thing to say Don. Working professionals also have monetary restrictions just like in any other job and any other person in the world.

  • Patrick Downs

    Really Don? Is everyone on the internet a rude smartass? I’ve been a professional photojournalist since 1979. I was a staff photographer for the LA Times for 20 years, and have been published world-wide. I’ve been on two Pulitzer Prize winning teams, and have been a finalist for a 3rd Pulitzer, and have won awards from NPPA, NFL, SDX, CPPA, PPAGLA, AP etc. Does it sound like I might be a pro? $3200 is not a small amount of money for most photogs I know, even the advertising guys, in this difficult business climate. Try being a nicer person sometime, and not judging people you know nothing about.

  • Don Tusk

    There is something really wrong if you cant afford $ 3000 camera as a pro photographer.

  • Patrick Downs

    Don, you have confirmed beyond doubt that you are a boorish, ignorant twit. Not only that, in doing some Googling, I see you’re a very average photographer at best. I never said I couldn’t afford it, but rather that $3200 isn’t a small amount for many photogs. #goaway