Sports Photographer Receives Well-Wishes from Athletes World-Wide After Accident

On the tenth of April, The Times chief sports photographer Marc Aspland was in a terrible car accident. The crash, which occurred in Harpenden, Hertfordshire, left him with brain hemorrhaging, nerve damage and two broken collarbones.

It was these injuries that led to Aspland missing out on two of the world’s largest sporting events, Wimbledon and the World Cup. But after news of the photographer unable to make it to these events spread about, a number of athletes started to team up to send support his way. Using the hashtag #gwsmarc (get well soon, Marc), a number of well-known tennis, cricket and football athletes have teamed up to show their support.

Aspland, who is at home recovering from his injuries, said the support from not only the athletes, but everyone in his life has been a huge encouragement and has dramatically boosted his confidence. Speaking with The Times, he elaborated on his injuries a little bit:

I’ve suffered enormous memory loss from before the accident to about three weeks afterwards […] You can cope with broken bones, but a brain injury is unseen and unknown and I’m on a real learning curve.

As you can see from the above images, some of the biggest names in sports are reaching out and showing support — from tennis star Rafael Nadal, to the entire England football club (who actually sent him a signed uniform). It’s a touching story to say the least, seeing photographers and athletes team up to support a friend and colleague.

(via Amateur Photographer)

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