EyeEm and Uber Team Up: Get a Free Ride, Take Photos, Win More Free Rides


Crowd-sourced taxi service Uber and photo-sharing service EyeEm announced an interesting partnership today: EyeEm will give you $20 in Uber credits no strings attached via a promo code, but if you’re willing to document your Uber travels using the app, you can win even more credit and keep on traveling around town for free.

The joint competition is one of EyeEm’s “missions.” EyeEm users can capture and share photographs that fall within specific categories and topics in exchange for prizes — in this case, the mission is to “Capture the Ride with Uber.”


Take a photo of an Uber excursion or destination to which the Uber vehicle brought you to in regards to the specific topic, tag it with “Capture the Ride with Uber,” and you’re entered into the competition for up to 100€ (approximately $136) in credits. The Missions are fairly easy to participate in, in large part due to an update to the EyeEm Android app, which features a number of redesigned features for easier creation and sharing.

A unique partnership that may or may not be extremely beneficial to end users, it’s certainly one way to cross-promote platforms while getting people to take more pictures. For more information, head on over to the announcement and read up on the details.

(via TechCrunch)

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