The University of South Florida is Planning to Check Out Drones Through the Library

It looks like Photojojo aren’t the only ones getting into the drone rental service. Student at the University of South Florida will soon be able to check out the controversial, camera-toting, remote-controlled flying machines straight from the campus library.

Reported by Tampa Bay’s ABC Action News, the purpose of the drone program is, as you might imagine, educational. The library staff believes that students studying everything from engineering, to architecture, to (we would assume) filmmaking will benefit from the ability to check out an eye in the sky.


Of course, no report on ‘drones’ is complete without some mention of controversy. In addition to the hopes of the library staff — and reassurances that everybody will be thoroughly trained and supervised before being allowed to check what looks to be a DJI Phantom out — the news team did speak to a few students that expressed various concerns.

Check out the news segment at the top to see it for yourself, and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments down below. Do you think this is a wise move by the university? And do you think others will follow their example?

Thanks for sending in the tip, Diarmuid!

  • simenoyen

    At my school in Norway we have a DJI Phantom that we can rent for free. We use it to make films so at least we’ve got a valid reason.

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