Annie Leibovitz and Kanye West Clear the Air About Seemingly Insulting Comments


Following up on the story that angered many in the photo world, it seems that Kanye West and Annie Leibovitz have cleared the air after the comments he made earlier in the week during a Cannes Lions panel.

During the panel, West was quoted as saying that Leibovitz pulled out the day before the wedding, leaving him and Kim in a lurch and forcing them to spend 4 days during their honey moon editing their wedding photos to ‘look like Annie…’

He was also quoted as saying that he thought the reason she maybe didn’t shoot the wedding was because she was “afraid of celebrity,” something many commenters enjoyed pointing out was unlikely given that Leibovitz has photographed everybody from the John Lennon to Queen Elizabeth.


It took a couple of days, but the duo publicly cleared the air today by releasing a joint statement through West’s label Def Jam Records. The statement reads:

Kanye West’s comments about Annie Leibovitz while speaking at the 2014 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival have been taken out of context and sensationalized.

Although Kanye expressed frustration that he was not able to collaborate with Annie Leibovitz at his recent wedding, he is not assigning blame, and is not accusing Annie in any way. Kanye and Annie’s representatives were in negotiations for weeks that were not completed by the time of the wedding.

“Annie would have been happy to do the portrait but she was never confirmed,” said a representative for Leibovitz.

The statement goes on to point out that Leibovitz doesn’t usually do weddings (perhaps why the negotiations never went anywhere), and that West’s comments were simply his way of “referencing Annie as an example of how to merge culture and tech.”

(via E! Online)

Image credits: Kanye West by robertcastro and Annie Leibovitz by Robert Scoble.

  • Killroy™

    I feel so much better now that these two douchebags have kissed and made up.

  • Jason Yuen

    The picture I have in my head of Kanye’s PR office goes something like this:
    “Captain we have a hull breach!”
    “It’s too big captain! We must abandon ship!”
    “It’s too late captain! We’re all gonna die! Do you hear me captain??? capt—-”

    (camera zooms out to see the ship)
    (ship implodes)
    roll credits

    writer – kanye
    producer – kanye
    special effects – kanye
    captain – kanye
    engineer – kanye
    safety specialists – kanye

  • usmale9659

    Actually, there is only one douchebag here, and that would be Kanye West. Kanye thinks he’s an authority on all things artistic, but actually he’s a very limited person in the talent area. Annie Liebovitz will be remembered for her photographic genius for a long, long time. Kanye will be remembered, primarily, for being a big-mouthed obnoxious jerk.

  • unimpressed

    I agree. Does anyone really believe that Kanye was not “assigning blame”? Whoever decided to put out this “joint statement” has got to be kidding. Really???? Does anyone really think that they can get anyone to un-hear any remarks he so publicly makes about anything or anyone? Def-Jam……sometimes people have to live with the consequences they get themselves into, and this is definitely one of those times.

  • Neato!

    This looks nothing but Kanye’s PR people trying to damage control. He’s a loud mouth douchebag and said exactly what he meant.

  • Andrea Shorey

    Oh yeah, that totally make sense.

  • OtterMatt

    So, he’s a douchebag who makes up stories to make himself a bigger spotlight. Yeah, I think we’re all caught up here.

  • Island In The Sky


    Maybe Annie could photograph the couple when their inevitable divorce occurs!

  • Mike

    Kanye West himself is out of context and sensationalized by his own ego and PR advisers.

  • Mike

    Annie doesn’t believe in hobbits.

  • David Liang

    Out of context? Nothing Kanye said was ambiguous, his comments were direct and straight forward. If I had to guess Annie’s lawyers threatened Kanye with a defamation suit if he didn’t apologize. When has Kanye ever been so quick to back down?

  • C Jacobs

    Translation: she threatened to sue his ass and he backtracked.

  • MMielech

    I am just here to check in and say I have contributed to this important thread.

    BTW, who is this Kayne West fellow, and what does he do?

  • superduckz

    Seriously PP. Are you just blatantly trolling for page views now? Give it a rest already…

  • g.s. photo

    Long story short, Instagram is just as good as Leibovitz

  • Alexander Petricca

    So politically correct. To everyone who isn’t in the PR trade this reads;

    Kanye is a tit.

  • Rob Feiner

    So, basically, Leibovitz was never booked to shoot their wedding, but he tried to get her to do so; and failing that, tried to make the referenced image look as if it’s in her style, all the while blaming her for not running like a lap dog to shoot their wedding, in his whiney, spoiled brat style. Sounds like Leibovitz bitch-slapped “kimye” after slandering her and was forced to put out this lame, pretzel-twisting press release to weasel out of his very much in-context words in Cannes. Don’t foresee a future collaboration!

  • Brendan James

    An obnoxious jerk yes, but also a musical genius.

  • Ashevillian

    Not at all persuaded that this qualifies as a “joint statement,” if it was only released by Kanye’s label.

  • Jorge

    Guess Annie should be booked with months of anticipation, the divorce will be in two weeks. Sorry, she can’t.

  • Sarcastic Genius

    Yeah putting Kanye in the same ballpark as Mozart makes total sense.
    Musical genius Kanye West.
    Comment Genius Brandan James

  • Courtney Navey

    Kayne’s still a jerk. The whole “out of context” bit is stupid. He said that Annie left them high and dry…and apparently she didn’t so the comments he made following that were completely unfounded and ridiculous. Kanye is one entitled, over appreciated, self absorbed celeb.

  • Brandon Rechten

    Has the definition of “genius” changed recently?

  • Andrew Kandel

    I really wonder if “Kanye West” is a performance art creation.

  • JP

    Really?? There’s only one douchebag here, as always, it’s this uber A-hole singer, and it’s a pattern of embarassing situations that follow him wherever he goes.

  • Dover

    Read the whole thing. Leibovitz camp is credited for the last sentence.

  • JP

    Musical genious? Wait, I need to throw up some more… You need to brush up and widen your musical repertoire. It’s unfortunate true geniuses like Annie have to put up with such rudeness and ridiculous arrogance.

  • Oj0

    Who cares, he’s still a gay fish.

  • JP

    Enough with this discussion, there’s nothing new here, the guy is miles down from where Annie stands on the artistic totem pole, do we really need to debate who was right and who F’d up in public once more time?

  • Casey Colomb

    I can’t believe 3 people up’d your comment.

  • Maree Cardinale

    What a load of crap

  • Burnin Biomass

    “Annie would have been happy to do the portrait but she was never confirmed,”

    BOOM, Annie drops the mic…. walks off stage.

  • Woody ONeal

    Taylor Swift sends her regards

  • Woody ONeal


  • Woody ONeal

    Kanye West is no John Lennon.

  • Ashevillian

    A single quotation does not constitute a joint release. If Liebiovitz’s publicist or company were releasing the same statement, THEN it would be a joint statement. But they’re not.

    “Tell him to walk his comments back in a press release. And he can quote me as saying we were never actually booked. Or I’ll sue him. A lot.”

  • Guest

  • Dover

    Actually, if both parties contributed to the release [they did], then of course it is a joint release. Realize that opinion is very different from fact.

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  • Ashevillian

    I put out a press release decrying the rapeId increase in global warming. The last sentence says, “a representaive for President Obama said that the President believes global warming is accelerating.” BOOM! Joint press release with the President!

    I don’t think so. Worked in PR much?

  • Tim

    Leave it to an idiot like him to do something as classless as that. To drag someone as classy as Annie into his twisted world of self importance shows what a true low life he is. A shame so many of our youth look up to him.

  • n1ck0las

    He didn’t say ‘genius, like Mozart…’, but more likely meant within the context of that genre.

  • Vin Weathermon

    All it did was further upgrade Annie’s status as an artist, while proving Kanye’s ego is bigger than Kim’s derriere.

  • Vin Weathermon

    The clean up crew mops up after the stupid arrogant rich guy opens his mouth. Again. But there’s lots of money in the rich people janitorial biz.

  • Brendan James

    I wasn’t talking about him as a person, but his musical influence has revolutionized the hip hop industry, whether you’re a fan of his style or not. Don’t tell other people “widen their musical repertoire” just because they enjoy a particular genre that you don’t.

  • Devorah Kaye Goldstein

    Oh Thank Gd. I haven’t been able to sleep all week.

  • Edgar Allan Bro

    Hey now. He just really, really likes fish sticks.

    In his mouth.

  • Mr. Mockstar

    Who Dafuq even thinks to hire Annie to photograph their wedding anyways? Did I miss some sort of iRS-driven wedding work book release?

  • Jimmy Day

    If Kanye West ever says anything intelligent then it might be newsworthy, but even then it’s a stretch. Why does the press print anything about this jerk?