Likely Fake Photo of the Nikon D810 Shows Up Online, Features Top Plate ISO Wheel


Published by Nikon Rumors last night, the image above may be the first photograph of the Nikon D810 that is rumored to arrive officially on June 26th. More likely, however, it’s just a Photoshop-created ‘wish list’ image that a hopeful D800/E user put out at the right time to grab some attention.

Still, there are some intriguing suggestions on the image, the most exciting of which is the addition of an ISO scroll wheel in the top plate. If Nikon hasn’t done this with the D800/E followup, the company might want to consider it for the D820 or whatever the next iteration will be, given the very positive reaction in the NR comments section.

What do you think of this visual ‘wish list’? And what would you add to it to make the “perfect D810″?

  • Tor Ivan Boine

    never understood why the ISO button is where it is now. especially on a “pro” body. Its hard and difficult to reach/use.

    on the D600 the ISO button is at least easier to reach and use.

  • Greg Annandale

    With the latest D800 firmware it’s possible to assign a different function to the movie record button (next to the shutter) – I’ve set mine to ISO, which is very handy.

  • faloc

    heh Canon always had their ISO button perfectly near the trigger finger. Nikon just likes to spread a lot of buttons everywhere and make everything complicated. While Canon likes to keep it simple and user friendly :D

  • GuilhermeMendes

    that would be an awesome design for a pro model! 3 wheels make perfect sense

  • apolloOMDEM5

    It also comes with dust and oil spots on the sensor! Used to be a Nikon guy but 3 bad Nikon’s in a row turned me to the M43 revolution. I shoot professionally with Olympus M43 cameras. Don’t need a huge bulky camera and setup to get unreal photos. There isn’t a Nikon nor Canon camera that interests me in the least bit anymore.

  • Leo

    Interesting design. Its strange how I’m so used to having my Canons always having an ISO button right next to the top dial and yet for years my Nikon cameras I have always left on Auto ISO because it just got too fiddly and I hate taking my eye from the Viewfinder. It was the one issue I had that I grumbled about. That and the three D600 bodies I had that Nikon refused to repair under warranty for 8 months even though I said to them I clean them every 100 or so shots and I still get oil spots… Only emailing me 2 years later saying I can get a free repair… 1 year after I sold them on.

    Other than that… The ISO button has always been an annoying serious issue. Nikon should fix it right away.

  • 4dmaze

    “Nikon users wants this design their cameras…”

  • Eric Frame

    weird, I thought the 5d3 was a lot less intuitive, and the 6d was even less intuitive than that compared to my nikon.. the 3 dedicated scroll wheels would be great for both brands IMO.

  • Eric Frame

    do you have a link to your work? I’d like to see how a M3/4 camera does in low light at a wedding.

  • Scott

    ? On my D5100 I have my Fn button set to ISO. I hold that button and spin the dial. No need to pull my face away from the viewfinder?

    On higher end Nikons the functionality is worse then that?

  • apolloOMDEM5

    If the link doesn’t show just type Brock Best Photography in a google search.

  • SiriusPhotog

    I doubt Nikon would call one of the scrolls the “Exposure” scroll. They would call it the “Shutter”. Technically the ISO, Aperture and shutter scroll are all part of the “Exposure”.

  • Mark Zee

    I guess Nikon should have made D610 with all the features of D800 with the same autofocus system [Nikon D610 has focus points jammed into the center; they can’t even breathe :P] but with 24MP and great low light performance. And they should have made Nikon D800 for people who want more resolution with/without AA filter. With high resolution, low light performance is a bit of an issue. Coming from a D5000 DX body to FX body, the choice remains only D800 since D4s/D4 is quite expensive. I wouldn’t want a FX body with focus points jammed into the center. Like everyone says, we all have our own opinions :)

  • Ieuan

    forget the body! what about a 24-120mm f1.4 lens!?!

  • Mark Zee

    it’s a great idea.. but they won’t make us happy. Either they won’t make a lens with such focal lengths or they will make sure that it’s too pricey.

  • Henry Wang

    it means exposure as in exposure comp…

  • adam

    I rather the older way of doing things (D700) personally.

  • Peter “Pots”

    As usual, I am probably wrong, but why is getting the ISO up top so great? Doesn’t a shooter pick the appropriate one for a shoot as part of the “scoping of the situation” in the beginning? If lighting changes, you react…do we have to do it almost in a panic? Besides, unless you are way up there with your ISO, most of your post-processing will fix your lack of judgment.

  • Pete Charlesworth

    Fantastic idea…. the other thing that sucks is the push button AF mode selector that needs the selector dial as well… this should be a simple toggle switch, along with metering mode…. what have so many button presses to change them?

  • Jesse

    Your wedding Photography starts at 279.00 ?!?! Are you completely insane?

  • apolloOMDEM5

    Nope, not insane. That is for a very quick one session shoot. Very basic engagement session for example. My packages are much much more than that. With the economy the way it is I will get calls from people who are nearly out of money but still want a few incredible engagement photos. No matter the budget I want people to be able to show up to their wedding with at least a few amazing shots they are proud of. I quote my clients based on what they need. That’s why my prices aren’t listed. Most of my clients are high end but no matter the budget I help make their day memorable.

  • Rafa R

    god forbid

  • Oj0

    Nikon, if you do this I will drop Canon and return to you (unless Canon does the same).

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  • Bill Binns

    Good for you! Wedding photography has gotten crazy expensive because of the crazy demands put on the photographer. Do you really need multiple shots of every uncle, cousin and coworker from 3 different angles + video? Are those shots EVER going to be interesting? I think any wedding can be properly documented with a maximum of 20 shots with 10 being perfectly reasonable. Another benefit of having fewer shots is that they should be able to be edited in days rather than weeks or months which is typical now.

    You are giving people who don’t have the option of dropping six grand on a photographer a chance to still have some professional shots. I hope you are successful with this approach!

  • apolloOMDEM5

    Hey Bill,
    Thanks for the kind words and yes business is going extremely well! 99% of the photographers I talk to charge a horrendous amount and only do a wedding here or there. I live in a state absolutely flooded with photographers because my state is close to being or is the marriage capitol of the United States. My approach allows me to actually do this full time. Business is great, it allows for a great life, and I don’t gouge my clients. I am priced ver very fair for the market but like I said it provides a great life and I get to fulfill my dream full time. I am not interested in a wedding here or there, I want everyone I possibly can no matter their situation to walk away from their wedding proud of their memories. I can’t tell you the number of photographers who tell me that their weddings are only a means to an end and I feel so bad for their clients when I hear that. This is not a means to an end for me, it’s truly a passion. As cliche as it sounds I truly believe the most important art galleries are the walls of my clients’ homes. Thanks again for the kind words and I wish you the best.

  • bob cooley

    It would be incredibly large, expensive, and likely very soft in certain focal lengths, especially at the edges.