Rumor Update: Nikon D800/E Replacement Will be Called the D810


A week from Thursday. Mark your calendars, because that’s the day Nikon’s D800/E replacement will arrive in all its allegedly AA filter-less, 36-megapixel, sRAW capable glory. And according to Nikon Rumors, it will be called the D810, not D800s as previously reported.

You can read more about this shooter and what the rumor sites are expecting its spec sheet to look like by checking out our previous coverage. Or, you know, you could just wait a week and two days… there’s always that option, too.

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  • Ondrej Vranka

    argue with a bot… makes sence ;)

  • Dave Hardy

    looking forward to a cheaper D800e :D

  • Nate

    Makes “sense”….

  • Pickle

    This could be Nikon’s most practical Pro camera since the D700. With S-Raw, this is the true D700 replacement people wanted. D610 still packs a very big punch for much less money however.

  • Joe

    Oh god I hope so. I’ve been waiting for so long.