GoPro Teams Up with BMW, In-Car GoPro Control Coming to a Bimmer Near You

In a very strange partnership, it’s been announced that GoPro and BMW have teamed up to add the ability to control GoPro cameras right from within the dashboard of BMW vehicles. Starting in July, this partnership will allow any owners of 2012 or later BMW or Mini vehicles to take control of the WiFi-enabled action cameras without ever leaving the driver’s seat.


In order to utilize the feature, you must have the GoPro app installed on an iPhone, which then has to be connected to the BMW (intuitive, eh?).

Once the connection has been made, you can view the streams from whatever cameras you have paired up straight from the BMW and Mini dashboard configurations. While in park, the not-quite live view from the GoPros is prominently displayed, but the second the car is tossed in motion, said views fade away to encourage you to keep your eyes on the road.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 2.49.34 PM

In some respects, this sort of integration feel like a step in a logical direction, but it’s hard not to see this as a marketing ploy. Whatever the case, adrenaline junkies everywhere now have another reason to think BMW the next time they’re in the market for a new ride.

(via TechCrunch)

  • Mako

    One will need to power the GoPro from the accessory power port, because the GoPro WiFi eats up power … FAST.

  • Adrian S

    Look at me know, I’m crashing Beemers.

  • Toby Hawkins

    Great, so they support gopros now but still no android support! Glad they have their priorities sorted.

    inb4 #firstworldproblems

  • Chang He

    BMW has a long history of working with Apple. Plus they are a luxury brand, and Android is like the Ford of phones: effective and somewhat capable, but without luxury brand credibility. A partnership with them would make no sense.

  • Toby Hawkins

    Supporting android or iphone shouldn’t be (and for just about every other company, isn’t) mutually exclusive.What doesn’t make sense is not supporting the phone with an 80% market share.

  • Richard Ford

    That’d be Bimmers to those that own em…

  • filomenagriffin

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  • RP

    Considering that BMW drivers rate as the biggest jerks on the road (there was news about this a few months ago), maybe this should not just be optional, but mandatory so they are held accountable for their blinker-less lane changes, dangerous speeding, not sharing the road, racing past people in the last 30 metres of a merge lane…

  • DLCade

    Fixed : ) Thank you for pointing that out!

  • Tim

    It depends on the driver, give an inconsiderate driver a powerful car and they’ll drive it irresponsibly. Same goes for any make of vehicle. Tarring all BMW drivers with the same brush just makes other drivers more prejudiced towards them.

  • Toby Hawkins

    One of the biggest problems on the road is people who treat you differently based on what car you’re in. Apparently you’re one of those people.

  • Chang He

    Like I said, they probably don’t support it because it isn’t a luxury brand. It would be like an Hermes scarf with the McDonald’s logo on it.

  • Al B

    I am sorry, my Android phone is as expensive and yet maybe more “luxurious” than your iPhone. Android does has Ford-like phones, but many flagship phones are better than iPhone by far.

  • Al B

    I am afraid Apple is only as “luxurious” as Coach, while many premium Android Phones are like LV and Gucci, maybe Hermes as well.

  • Chang He

    Meh. I’m not impressed with Android. Clearly the Motorwerken gurus in Munich aren’t either. Android has positioned itself from the beginning as the affordable, open source, mobile OS, which (though I’m only guessing and could be wrong) probably makes it less attractive to a company that tries to sell itself as barely attainable luxury.

    Apple has tried mightily to act more like Leica. Disagree if you like, but there is more consistency of style and form between Apple and BMW than the latest plastic fad under the Android moniker.

    Neither BMW nor Apple are all that exclusive. Certainly BMW has diluted its brand lately with the 1 series, the drop in horsepower, the 4 cylinder 3 series, and other anathemas. But the essence they attempt to portray is the same, which is why they are a better fit for each other.

  • Toby Hawkins

    BMWs normally have relatively cheap feeling plastic actually, and issues with electronics… They haven’t diluted their brand with the drop in cylinders though, the new engines are more fuel efficient but just as powerful as the old ones; they did it to meet new EU emissions targets. The only downside is they don’t sound as nice.

    At any rate, what you’re suggesting is BMW don’t support android for the sole reason of offending iphone owners who drive their cars?? brand perception varies from country to country. As I said before, supporting iphone or supporting android needn’t be mutually exclusive, and android’s an open platform so it wouldn’t require expensive licensing like the iphone (where you have to buy a ridiculous £50 cable). BMW do offer android support over bluetooth, but that’s an extra ~£2000 for the ‘entertainments package’. Neglecting over half your clientele is just stupid; and yes, most of the BMW owners I know have android phones.

  • Thomas Krakowiak

    THIS CAR IS A M4 NOT A M3. Right? Do you know what you are driving?