Sony’s A7s Put Through a Production Level Low Light Test, Continues to Impress

We’ve shown you the incredible low-light capabilities of Sony’s 4K-capable A7s camera before. But for the most part, the previously-released tests were fairly static and didn’t offer much in way of production-level footage.

EOS HD’s Yosh Enatsu took note of this fact, and decided to put together an impressive production-level comparison to show you just how well this mirrorless beast can handle the dark.

The above video, cheekily titled into the darkness, tests the A7s using ISO values between 8000–40,000 in combination with a plethora of Canon glass and other video gear. Even at 4K, the footage being spit out of the A7s borders on mind-blowing when you consider the ISOs being used.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 4.56.44 PM

The team over at EOS HD makes sure to point out that YouTube’s compression algorithm acts as a bit of a noise reduction engine, killing some of the finer details, but still, it’s hard to believe how little noise there is in these shots.

Of course, no A7s test is complete if you’re only reaching a paltry 40,000 ISO, and so EOS HD also shot this little bit of bonus footage. This one is more static, like the previous tests we’ve shared, and covers the entire ISO gamut between 800 and 409,600 ISO.

(via EOS HD)

  • Marc Jones

    Do want

  • yamaha83

    cant wait to see some image comparisons

  • Randy Dowell

    hahah are they shooting in 60fps or something? come on now.

  • David Liang

    I’m sold…

  • jkantor267

    It’s a ludicrously stupid test to change the iso without keeping the exposure constant.

  • David

    Without 10 bits, slog2 isn’t very useful. As soon as you strecth that out to normailze it, you’ll have artifacts from being 8 bit.

  • AC

    Why give EOSHD the credit? i’m pretty sure he just reposted. Sorry if i’m wrong..

  • Abraham Yang

    Make it 10-bit and I’ll pre-order three. Still torn between the a7s and the Panasonic GH4.

  • joel richards

    EOS HD did NOT make this video. Please give credit where credit due. Yoshihiro Enatsu made the video.

  • Giovanni Logrono

    Does this camera have the same impressive low-light performance when shooting stills?

  • Chuck Coverly

    Hey, now all those ridiculous ghost hunter shows can shoot in real color instead of the stupid green.