Flickr to Drop Google and Facebook Login Options at the End of this Month


Earlier this year, Yahoo! announced plans to wean off the Google and Facebook-based logins for its services. The first victim was their sports service platform, and at the end of this month it’s Flickr’s turn.

Emails have already gone out to a number of users and will likely continue being seen over the coming days. In the email, Yahoo! states that Google and Facebook ID logins will no longer be accepted after June 30th. By then, all Flickr users who have not already done so will have to create a Yahoo! account and connect it to their respective Flickr account if they would like to continue using the service.

While not an overly dramatic change, it goes to show that Yahoo! is serious about showing its users that it’s capable of providing a proper, all-in-one platform on its own, without piggybacking off of other social media giants. If you’re a user of Flickr and you don’t yet have a Yahoo! account, you’re going to want to head on over to their site and get that taken care of before June 30th comes around.

(via TheNextWeb)

  • Ian Kirk

    I ditched Flickr, Tumblr and Yahoo Mail this year. I had enough of bad design and ill thought out changes,.

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Flickr stops shooting itself in the foot, prepares to shoot itself in the head.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Wow… I’m just deleting my photos from there, this is too awful.

  • Mike

    Sure, what a terrible thing. To have another site using your google/facebook account to login, so secure!

  • Chris Taklis

    it’s stupid. why so great platform not accepting other’s log in except only yahoo…. i love to log in with my gmail or sometimes with facebook.

  • MJ Coffey

    Not good, Yahoo… not good.

  • AluKed

    Already punted my flickr account.

  • Jeffrey Dowell

    I remember Yahoo. I used it in high school, about 20 years ago, I also used webcrawler and altaVista.

  • slyman

    i must be the only one who actually likes the recent flickr redesign for the most part. the last one was ugly imo.

    and i can’t believe people actually care about this, screw google and facebook…

  • slyman

    did you know that if you want to permanently delete your facebook, there’s a two week period before it’s actually deleted (“deleted” in fb terms anyway) that will be renewed every time you try to log in to something using your facebook login?

  • olafs_osh

    Using Flickr for couple years now. Made a Yahoo account just for this couple months ago. I seriously have no problems to remember another password Not to mention, that usually browsers remember your creds, if you’re not using shared machines.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Yahoo’s idea to drop FB and Googlie. Plus, I always found more secure to use own creds for every website and not just click “connect with facebook” button. For each his own, I suppose.

  • slyman

    agreed. i can’t believe people actually fall into the “log in with fb/google” thing. sure give them access and let them know every site you like to use because you want things to be that tiny bit easier.

  • Michael Rasmussen

    People care because they don’t want to be coerced into signing up with yet another social service that’s trying to lock you into their products.

  • slyman

    a social service that they already use? and one that they probably would’ve signed up for using a yahoo account if when they wanted to use it it didn’t have fb/google login? i’m sure most people have accounts on plenty of sites, one more isn’t going to hurt. it’s not even like you have to use yahoo for anything other than your flickr account, i certainly don’t. and i don’t think it’s about getting people to sign up to yahoo (at least not entirely), i think it’s about not giving their competitors traffic.

    and btw, on my home computer, i never even have to log in because it stays logged in.

  • tvoja piramni 11